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We remain committed to sustainable practices here at Chi Chi, and continue to set targets to improve our sustainability in everything from the fabrics we use to our habits around the office.

"All our mailing and packing bags are made from a sustainable polythene derived from sugarcane. They're recyclable, made in the UK and they contribute towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions."
- Daniel Najar, co-founder and CEO
mailing bag
reusable cups

 "This year we gave each of our 65 members of staff at Chi Chi a reusable coffee cup to use in the office and when out and about. Paper cups from coffee shops are usually not recyclable and 2.5 billion are thrown away every year in the UK"

- Gio Najar, co-founder and CEO

Sustainability Targets

Our progress on these targets is reviewed every 6 months.

Table Stats

† Shipping via sea freight carries a 70% smaller carbon footprint than shipping by air.

Animal Welfare

We believe that using some animal materials is unacceptable in any measure, and as a result, we never use the following in our products:


1.     Animal fur
2.     Endangered species as defined as species which appear on the CITES or IUCN lists of endangered species.
3.     Karakul (sometimes called Astrakhan, Broadtail, Persian lamb, Swakara or Krimmer)
4.     Leather or skin products from exotic and wild caught animals, including but not limited to; snake, alligator, crocodile and lizard.
5.     Mongolian lamb’s fur
6.     Merino wool
7.     Angora
8.     Bone, horn or shell
9.     Cashmere and Mohair
10.  Silk
11.  Feathers


Guide to Identifying Real Fur

Fur Table
Animal Stats