Chi Chi London requires our suppliers to ensure that all animals are raised, transported and slaughtered under recognised higher animal welfare standards. These standards are based on the OIE’s animal health codes, or the Farm Animal Welfare Committee’s Five Freedoms, which are:

  1. Free from hunger and thirst
  2. Free from discomfort
  3. Free from pain, injury and disease
  4. Free to express normal behaviour
  5. Free from fear and distress

Chi Chi requires our suppliers to ensure that our products that contain synthetic animal materials or animal materials are clearly labelled correctly.

Our designers will always use synthetic materials in our ranges. This clearly communicated to our suppliers and we will be proactive in quality checking to ensure any product comply with the below.

  1. Leather & exotic skins.

1.1.    Chi Chi products must not include the following;

1.1.1.Animal materials from endangered species listed on the IUCN (International union for the conservation of nature) or CITES (Convention of international trade in endangered species) list.

1.1.2. Skins from exotic or wild caught animals.

1.2.    All Leather sourced is a bi-product of the meat industry.

1.3.    There is no live skinning or boiling.

1.4.    No Karakul/Astrakhan or any leather or skin product which is the bi-product of un-natural abortions is used.

1.5.    Suppliers must provide clear accounts of the name/classification of the species along with details of area the animals derive from.

1.6.    Leather is not be sourced from suppliers which are linked to de-forestation.


  1. Fur.

Chi Chi products must not contain real fur or pelts.


  1. Animal Hair.

3.1.    Chi Chi products must not contain the following animal hair: Angora or rabbit wool due to the method of harvesting.


  1. Feathers.

4.1.    Chi Chi products must not include any feathers of any kind.

We have 0% tolerance on the use of animal materials and will cease working with suppliers or sourcing companies that go against this when producing Chi Chi London products.