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Ethical Trade


It’s our responsibility to make sure every worker in our supply chain is respected and protected. Everyone in our supply chain should feel safe at work, financially secure and respected by their fellow workers.

Our Ethical Trade programme comprises three pillars which set out how we’ll achieve our commitment for increasing respect for workers’ rights across our supply chain:
  • Visibility of our supply chain and transparency to the customer
  • Addressing social impacts
  • Monitoring our supply chain

Our Supply Chain

Chi Chi's head office is in Enfield, London. This houses our designers, customer service team and includes our warehouse and fulfillment centre where all our parcels are shipped from. We employ 75 staff here from buyers and merchandisers to pickers and packers.

Alongside our London head office, Chi Chi's other base is in Guangzhou, China and houses our main factory. Over 80% of our products are produced here, and owning and managing our own factory gives us full control over the processes, materials and guidelines which are followed there.

China Factories

In the interest of supply chain visibility, we follow the principle that ‘we can’t manage what we don’t know’, so we’ve committed to building full visibility of our supply chain.

We’ve currently mapped tier 1 and have targets set to map tiers 2 and 3 by 2020, see table below for tier definitions. We also recognise the importance of supply chain mapping to prevent undeclared subcontracting.

Factory Stats
Factory Stats2

The House of Lords Modern Slavery Pledge

In conjunction with ASOS

In 2018, CEOs from high street and online retailers, in conjunction with senior government representatives, came together at the House of Lords with a common goal; to tackle modern slavery within the fashion supply chain. The aim of the forum was to address the global modern slavery issues faced by all apparel retailers.

We are honoured to have been invited to take part in this ongoing program which encourages brands to work together to ensure their supply chains are ethical and make modern slavery a thing of the past.

Inside House of Lords

This means that Chi Chi London have pledged to formulate an action plan, with clear steps for us to take to mitigate modern slavery risks in our business. Within the program, best practices are shared between brands and tools and resources offered by Anti-Slavery International. As a business we also attend regular workshops run by Asos and the House of Lords.

Chi Chi London will fight for an industry that we’re proud of and in turn, one that our customers can be proud of. We recognise that improvements can always be made and will focus on transparency and collaboration to ensure positive actions are implemented gradually throughout our supply chain.