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Our Customers

Here at Chi Chi London we know that we would be nothing without our customers. We always strive to lead by example in all that we do and ensure the way that we communicate with our customers reflects our brand values and integrity. We do this by not only handling order queries properly, but by ensuring that our products and communications are responsible, inclusive and celebrate diversity.

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Our full product range runs from a petite size 4 to a size 26 in our Curve range. We also have a Tall range which caters for customers over 5ft 8, as well as a Maternity range designed especially to flatter bumps of all sizes. We never have - and never will - alter prices across these ranges for the same product, even if this means we have to absorb the cost. We strive to ensure every body type, shape and size is catered for across our categories; we introduced Curve casual clothing this year and expanded our Petite range by 50%.

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Social Media

We often work with influencers and bloggers for use across our social media platforms and on our site. This part of social media marketing has grown exponentially over the last 5 years and remains a great way to engage with customers and showcase our products. We believe it is extremely important that our collective of influencers reflect our diverse products and inclusive attitude to marketing.

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We often work with  influencers whose image, body type or life experience may be different to what mainstream media portrays as 'aspirational' or 'influential' but we believe they're just that. Over the last two years we've been concentrating our social media strategy on influencers who actually inspire us regardless of their follow count or cost.

Our Models

We’ve more than 30 models on our books, sourced through reputable agencies worldwide. Shooting our models is a huge part of our business; if our customers can't see our products in all their beautiful detail we run the risk that they might not be happy with their purchase when it arrives. We therefore make sure that our models are looked after and treated fairly. We never ask our models to change their appearance and we form close relationships with the girls you see on our site. Shoot days are never more than seven hours long, with lunch always provided.

Our Models
We also know that the models we choose may - even subconsciously - have an effect on our customers. We always use genuine plus sized models to shoot our Curve ranges and models over 5ft 8 for Tall, and ensure we have a diverse and inclusive range of models on site. In accordance with our airbrushing policy, we never:
  • Remove scars, stretch marks, moles or tattoos
  • Change or reshape a model's body shape in any way


We sometimes retouch images to make sure you see products like we do and represent product colours and textures in the most accurate way. And, in the interest of our models' welfare, we use prosthetic bumps when shooting our Maternity range. This also allows us to standardise the fit and cut of our Maternity items and ensure our customers receive what they are expecting when they shop.

Customer Care and Data Security

Our customer care team consists of 15 dedicated members of staff based in our head office in London. They're on hand 10 hours a day to advise our customers on our products and services and have over 20 years of experience between them. Our customer service team have helped us to receive multiple awards over the last five years for the quality of our service.

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Chi Chi values the trust that our customers place in us by letting us act as custodians of their data. We take our responsibility to protect and secure your information seriously and strive for complete transparency around our security practices detailed below. We have put in place technical and physical security controls to prevent unauthorised access to customer data.

We guarantee to use: Authorising access Data Encryption – SSL & TLS

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Asset Management

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