Layering 101 - our styling tips for autumn layering

It’s hard to part with your favourite summer dress which you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved this summer. But it’s also an exciting season of buying new pieces to add to your wardrobe which hints at the colder season arising, where we’re able to get our favourite coats out and look to invest in a new one too. Being able to mix new season pieces with summer staples can be a bit tricky, so here are some tips on how to layer and dress for the transitional period. 



The easiest way to slowly transition into autumn is with a coat which gives structure, style and of course warmth too! Suitable for dressing up your favourite midi dress, or getting cosy with some new loungewear, a coat is a simple way to keep looking chic into the colder months.  

Different styles of coats can add a pop of colour or texture depth to an outfit. Our lilac structured coat is perfect for those who maybe aren’t yet ready to throw away all the summer colours and get into the muted tones of winter. Also keeping it cute with the bow details on the sleeves for that feminine touch. Look at styling with a jumper dress and boots for a cosy autumn walk, or with a midi floral dress and heels for brunch with the girls. 

Structured Coat with Bow Sleeves and Belt Detail in Lilac

However, maybe you are someone who has been patiently tapping their foot waiting for the time to get your brown, black and beige tones out of the back of the wardrobe or from under your bed and say goodbye to the pinks and purples of the world. The ideal coat for accompanying this shuffle in the bedroom is our beige midi teddy coat, perfect for getting cosy on top of your favourite jumper and leather-look leggings. 

Structured Coat with Button Up Waist Panel in Cream with Fur collar
Longline Teddy Coat in Tan

Once the coat has been mastered, it’s also important for layering purposes to have a jumper that can be thrown on for when the sun decides to make a delayed appearance or for those crisp mornings having your cup of tea before heading out into the crisp day ahead.



Transitional dressing is the perfect time for looking into your jumper collection, which is probably shoved in a corner somewhere untouched. A pointelle style jumper is perfect for the season cross over as it adds another level of warmth with a fine knit pattern that allows for breathability. Our new sage green and blush options are a match made in heaven. Pair over a maxi dress, or your favourite jeans and finish with a structured coat to serve autumn elegance. 

Pointelle Knitted Jumper in Green
Pointelle Knitted Jumper in Blush


The layering staple of last season is back again, and for good reason. The most effortless way to look chic this autumn is with the use of a cable knit vest, in a calm mocha or a cool grey. For warmer days you can wear the jumper alone with fitted trousers to give a sleek silhouette, or steam a shirt to wear underneath for office to drinks ease on a Friday, or any day of the week really!

Cable Knit Vest in Tan
Cable Knit Vest in Grey

But to ensure that all of these layering staples can be executed, the basis of the outfit has to be a solid foundation to outfit build upon. Our knitted white dress with lace sleeves can be paired with a belt, chunky boots and a biker jacket for a model off duty look. Fancy layering up one of your occasion wear pieces? Find a cropped jumper or jacket to allow for cosy but complementary layers that still give style with substance. 

Layering is easy, just keep with similar tones and textures for a simple and chic look this autumn season. 

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