Organised Vibes: How to boss your schedule

Feeling disorganised? We’ve all been there. Organisation is key for any successful woman and can totally transform how you go about your daily life. From exercising early to keeping diaries, there are a whole host of ways to keep things neat and tidy for your days, weeks and months ahead. Here are some of our top tips. 

Keep a diary

While keeping a diary might seem a bit Bridget Jones, it actually can keep your mind focused on the things that matter. Most of us struggle to keep thoughts straight, so holding them solely in our minds is never a good idea. Writing them down on paper can be very cathartic, helping you to organise your mind and understand what you have coming up. We also suggest doing this with a pen and paper rather than a computer or phone. Writing is always better for memory retention and the diary can act as an easy-to-reach alternative to unnecessarily complicated applications.


Organise your wardrobe

If you’re not liking what you’re wearing, it might be a bit more difficult to stay positive and confident. Thinking about what you’re going to wear to the office or for the rest of your day is great for keeping you focused and grounded. If you’re working from home, it can be especially easy to sink into the loungewear every few days. We suggest dressing as if you were heading out, to get you in the mood to be productive and tick off all your goals for the week. Take a look through our clothing collection to pick up some inspo. 


Get up early

If you’re not starting your mornings right, the rest of your day is bound to be unproductive. Rather than waking up as late as possible, getting up a few hours before work and heading outside is truly refreshing for your mind and body. Whether you’re eating a healthy breakfast or exercising outdoors, there are plenty of healthy ways to start your day. Remember - if you’re exercising, it doesn’t have to be intense to have a big effect on your mind. Even a 20 minute walk around the local park or woods can elevate your mood and help you organise your thoughts. 

Bossing your schedule doesn’t come easy, but with a little patience and forethought, you’ll be smashing your goals week after week. Make sure to use our tips to get ahead of the pack and keep yourself organised.