5 autumn nail trends to try this season

If you’re unsure on how to gracefully fall into autumn this transitional season, one accessory (if you can call them that) which is a chic and easy way to add those autumnal tones into your life, is through your nails.  

The lovely thing with nails is that you step into the role of designer as you tailor your vision into the perfect brief for your nail tech who has the task of bringing your ideas to life – lucky them! But there are so many images flying around Instagram and Pinterest, it can easily become cluttered. So, here is a helping ‘hand’ in what we think the nail trends for autumn are this year.  

Autumn Nail inspo

Starting off with a subtle French tip, this style of nail art is a classic and timeless way to add a hint of autumn to your outfit. Introduce burnt oranges, cool browns and dusty reds at the tips of your fingers to compliment the crunchy leaves which will start to surround us in no time!  


Another easy way to use nail art is with an accent nail. Normally your ring finger or your fourth finger (depending on which way you’re counting) can be a great choice to add a touch of drama to your hand if you are unsure if you’re ready for a full statement. Stick with your French tip and then use nail art to create trendy swirls or cute stickers which scream autumn with leafy outlines or even pumpkins for the next seasonal festival!  


Another fun way to incorporate new tones of autumn into your nails is through the trendy hearts that are seen scattered all over Instagram. From the back of phone cases to being printed on wrap skirts – using simple yet effective nail art can be an interesting way to still feel like you as we transition.  


Tortoiseshell is often found on our favourite sunnies from the summer, but even these are now beginning to make fewer and fewer appearances, the pattern can however be carried through into the autumn season. These nails are a slightly more intricate way of incorporating the new season into your wardrobe and aesthetic for the next few months.  


Lastly, pops of neon! Just because the sun sets earlier, and the days can seem slightly darker doesn’t mean our nails have to follow! Adding pops of colour to your nails, whether it’s through the use of cute stickers or varnish, neon will always be an option we can rely on season after season.