Diana’s Iconic Looks: Reimagined for The Crown - Season 4

The bingeworthy previous three seasons of ‘The Crown’ have all been highly anticipated for various reasons. But none more so than the latest fourth upcoming season. And why are we all even more excited for this? Because the People’s Princess is coming – the late Princess Diana.

She was a woman renowned for her charity, grace and likeability. And made a name for herself for breaking rules, all while looking the epitome of chicness. Her fashion choices are still influencing the biggest fashionista’s of today, love your bicycle shorts like Kim K? You can thank Princess Di for taking those mainstream

Here we have our four most anticipated and iconic looks from Season four of Princess Di played by actress Emma Corrin. 


The Wedding Dress

A Royal Wedding naturally causes excitement, but the royal Wedding dress is what we are all really waiting to see. Princess Diana’s is about as iconic as it gets, magically over the top, royal and more than anything unmistakably Diana. The dress was designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel and accurately remaking this for the Netflix series is a key moment watchers are all looking forward to see. With its record breaking 25 foot train, this particular look was one of the few actual exact replica’s that was chosen to be made for the show, with majority of the outfits interpreted best to fit the scene. 

Diana wedding day

The Fuschia Show-Stopper

For our next much anticipated look, a co-ord is one thing, a fuschia co-ord topped off with a matching fascinator is just iconic on a whole different level. The co-ord is a multi-functional favourite that can be styled and worn in so many different ways, with the added benefit of styling as separates too! Diana had a way of making sure elegance and glam sat hand in hand in all her outfits. And we can’t wait to see this one brought back to life.


Summer Layering and the Sweater Vest

A British Summer dictates that one needs to be prepared for all four seasons in one day. Now where that may look ridiculous for the majority of us most of us choose to layer and hope for the best. Delicately printed midi dresses that have a soft smart collar, paired with a sleeveless sweater vest is our best bet. Not every one of Diana’s looks was meant to wow, but a lot of her style like any real ‘influencer’ had a profound impact on how we were to dress for generations to come.


The Races

The Races are a place to see and be seen. A chance for all to show the best of their wardrobes and their style, Princess Diana being an icon in her own right, always took this as an opportunity to shine. We can’t wait to see how The Crown will interpret Diana in monochrome polka dots at the Derby, matching accessories and all.