Christmas Day - Bubbles and Baubles

We have been granted the gift of a five day window! Between December 23 - 27, we have a total of five days to get three households together over the festive holiday so we can have a more ‘normal’ Christmas than we were looking at maybe a few weeks ago. So let’s get into the nitty gritty…

What does being in a "Christmas bubble" mean?

Well, up to three households can mix indoors and stay overnight in England for five days, 23-27 December. In that time we are allowed to travel between all parts of the country, with Northern Ireland’s window slightly different, from 22 to 28 December. 

If you have formed a bubble, you will be able to meet in each other’s homes, at places of worship and in an outdoor public space or garden. 

You will still be able to see other people who are not in your bubble outside your home, subject to the rules of the tier where you are staying.

Things to do in your bubble?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to go to restaurants and bar’s in our Bubbles under the new covid guidelines for this period. 

So get creative and find some fun activities that you can do!

  • Car Park Panto! If you’re lucky enough, they will be touring near you! And audience members can watch from inside their cars! Now how cool is that…
  • Christmas Treasure Hunt / Hike! We have probably enjoyed the great outdoors more than ever this year, and it is within the rules to be with your bubble in public outdoor spaces so… why not take a hike (in the nicest way) or plan a outdoor treasure hunt in your own back garden!
  • Keep it cute and cosy and remember to order a smaller turkey than you would usually! Lots of us always spend Christmas day at home with close family anyway so check out our post on “How to have an ultra Merry-Xmas” for ideas on the day.  

This may not be the Christmas we are used to, but with the rules allowing us to see some loved ones out of our own households, we can take comfort in knowing we will be able to celebrate is some way together. 

Merry Christmas to one and all, from Chi Chi London x

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