How to have an Ultra-Merry Christmas

We know, Christmas is going to feel ‘different’ this year. But what we must remember, is different doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Your day can be full of tradition, and you can use this year to start some new ones to add even more joy to your day!

Cinnamon rolls for breakfast

Start the fun early and celebrate with a breakfast you wouldn’t normally have! Cinnamon rolls and blueberry pancakes in the shape of reindeer and snowmen are a safe bet for the whole family, you can also prep special breakfast the night before so you can spend as much time actually enjoying the festivities as possible!

Cinnamon Rolls
Cinnamon Rolls Christmas

Prolong the present opening!

What’s better than opening presents on Christmas morning? Opening them Christmas Afternoon, tea-time and evening. Start small with the stockings and work your way up to the main event! Not only does this keep the excitement going throughout the day, if you have little ones this keeps their interest in each present a little longer. 

Christmas Chic

Dressing for the occasion has never been more important, considering we’ve spent most of this year in joggers and trainers! So why not put on a brand new Sequin number and end the year feeling glam. Now there’s nothing to say you can’t finish the day in your fave lounge wear, or in matching novelty pj’s if that’s your thing! But whatever your choice, we have you covered:

Christmas Outfits

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Competitive family? This is perfect then! You can either hide chocolates, or little presents around the house or garden, for kids (actual and adult) to find. Fancy going the extra mile? Try a treasure hunt with clues!

Schedule some Facetime/ Zoom Calls with your Family and Friends

We have all been missing our loved ones this year, and with the Holiday season normally being the time for family reunion’s there will be some who may not be able to join in the festive fun. But yet again, Zoom can come to the rescue and we will be able to at least see our families near and far and maybe even manage to squeeze in some games or a cheeky quiz. 

Have a look at these 10 easy games you can play with family!


Christmas Cocktail making

While food may be the main event, get that cocktail shaker out and mix away! There’s no reason why the kids cant get involved too with Mocktails! 

Read the BBC Good Food’s List of Christmas Cocktails and Mocktails 

Christmas Cocktails
Christmas Cocktails

However you spend your Christmas, we here at Chi Chi hope that it serves as a reminder that home is truly where the heart is. And spending it safe and indoors with your loved ones should you choose, is really not all that different to how you would any other year.