Glam your Bridesmaid’s Squad!

So, you’re engaged? First, congratulations! And now, let’s get to the nitty gritty, planning! And as exciting as it can be, there is always going to be that initial feeling of “ok sooo… where do I start?”

I'm Engaged!

Well, we can help you with one huge task, getting all your Bridesmaid’s looking and feeling B-E-A-youtiful. Here’s our top things to consider that will help you make that all important decision, so without further a-do…

Colour pallete: Cater to your Bridesmaid

Consider choosing multiple shades of the same colour group, like the below for example.

Bridesmaids in Grey
Jennifer Dress
Rakel Dress

Or, think multiple bridesmaids dress colours in pastels! An easy way to compliment all skin tones and preferences while keeping the shape the same! Essentially, you want to be careful not to choose colours that wash out certain skin tones or make you look too flushed.

Consider the season

The colour you choose can be driven by the season you’re getting married in. Certain colours, like blush or champagne for instance like the Tasha dress, work so well all year round. Whereas others like the Tasha dress in rust are geared more for an Autumn and early Winter wedding, how great if your bridesmaid’s dresses compliment the brown leaves in your outdoor wedding photos!

Seren Dress
Tasha Dress

 All Shapes and Sizes

Think simple, nothing to fussy and universally flattering. A-line dresses like the Victoria dress looks great on any body type because it’s fitted at your natural waist line, creating a flattering silhouette. If your bridesmaid’s want to still be individual you can play around with certain features such as necklines to still keep the look distinctive. Some may be more conscious about their arms, so a capped sleeve like here on the Kaylie Dress can easily solve that problem. Shapes like this one will be favourable for winter too, keeping your girl gang warm. 

Kaylie Dress
Victoria Dress

Accessorize Your Squad

The final touches are so important, and can add that extra special personal touch if your squad is wearing the same dresses to help them feel individual on the day. Think clutches, jewellery, and of course heels! Check out our fantastic collection below:

Arlow Bag
Amelia Hair Clips
Christina Headband
Kenny Heels