2021 Resolutions! And more importantly how to keep them

BYE 2020. See you never! With the end of 2020 coming to a close, we may be looking more than every at resolutions because of all the changes we have experienced this year. This year has had it’s challenges, but let’s look at ways to take something bad, learn the lessons from it and make and keep promise to ourselves, for those are the most important after all. The theme here is self love, so get that notepad out and take some notes. 


1. The first wealth is health.

This is always high up on the list of resolutions but this year has taught us now more than every how important it is to stay on top of and prioritise our health. This is inclusive of course of our mental wellbeing too. 

If you’ve ever struggled with keeping this particular goal, here’s some tips on how to stick with it this year, and make 2021 the year you feel in control.

Tips on sticking with it – make your goals realistic like working out 3-4 days a week. Take a dance class or go bike riding, join a local sports team or get a gym buddy to help with accountability and remember mindset is everything. See it as self care and something your future self will thank you for rather than a tiresome chore. Also, treat yourself to some new gear, it’ll help motivate you to work out on days when you’d rather just stay indoors!

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2. Be strict with your self-care

Women tend to, by nature, neglect their own needs to take care of others. But making and sticking to a self-care routine will help manage your stress and make it easier to deal with those curveballs that life throws at you. 

Recognise what helps feel the most relaxed, and then schedule time in to do it. 

Tips on sticking with it – Get organised and treat your self care like a daily event you need to keep track of and schedule in. Put this time into your planner like you would anything else and share with whoever needs to know about it, so they know not to disturb when you finally get that much needed time to yourself.

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3. Remember happiness starts with self-acceptance. 

Self development and acceptance is a long old journey that starts with the smallest things. Loving yourself unconditionally sounds cheesy but without it you cannot ever truly feel at peace. 2020 has taught us that life really is too short for worrying about the small insignificant things. Wear that dress you want to, get that daring haircut and set yourself free from the constraints of what other people think!

Tips on sticking with it – There is a whole host of resources available, either in the form of podcasts or books, online bloggers and instagrammers that are dedicated to helping you on your journey. Do the research, share with your friends and remember if you can get through 2020, you can get through anything!

Happy New Year, bring on 2021! Love from Chi Chi London x