Three ways to improve body positivity

Believe it or not, everything we manifest physically starts with the mind. All of the exercise and diet’s in the world won’t give you what you truly need to love your body on the inside and out. Here are five things to think about that will help to improve how you feel about yourself, and help you learn to truly appreciate what your body does for you rather than just how it looks. 


1. Social Media Spring Clean. 

Social Media is a wonderful thing and a great tool for connectivity. But the impact it has on our body image has been widely discussed and we are now acknowledging the effects of this on mental health. Think about the types of accounts you follow for instance, do they promote a healthy body image? If it’s your favourite brand, do they cater to all body shapes and do they care about inclusivity? There are many social media accounts that actively try to normalise all body types, so be on the look out for those instead!

Chessie King
Nelly London
Megan Rose Lane
Jess Megan

Just a few Body Positive Body Influencers we recommend checking out!

2. Body Shaming and what to do about it?

Our feelings about our own body can be overwhelming enough, without having to ensure unsolicited advice or even worse being the victim of bullying. If you have been subjected to body shaming, considering talking to a close friend that you trust or even a healthcare professional or family member who will respect your privacy. We would always encourage contacting someone directly for confidential support especially if you feel under pressure to make drastic decisions about your own body, such as cosmetic surgery or you’re being encouraged to take supplements. Remember it is your body, so it is your choice how and what you do with it!

@insecuregirlsclub promotes body positivity and everyday quotes to help give women everyday positivity.

3. Mind your language 

How you talk to yourself is maybe the most important change of all. We have all been guilty of putting too much pressure on ourselves as women, and need to be more aware of the ways in our daily lives. A great way to think of this, if we would never speak about friends or family using certain language, why is it ok to use this language on ourselves? Lots of negative language is used casually or as a joke, such as reinforcing youth and portaying slim as ‘healthy’ and ‘normal’. These things can feel harmless in the moment, but make those you care about and yourself feel worse about our bodies in the long run. 

Self Love
Quote of body image

If you are in need of professional support then contact Mind on 0300 123 3393 (UK), they are available Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm.