Hurrah! We have a vaccine! Now what…?

Whatever you feel about the vaccine, we must all at some point have thought to ourselves, so things can go back to a kind of new-normal now, right? The answer according to advisors has been hopefully yes, but how soon are we talking?

IF things start to get back to normal by Easter, which seems to be what the UK is working towards, then here are a few events in Spring Summer season that we cannot WAIT to start planning and more important dress up for!

Get me on a plane…

If there’s one thing lots of us sorely missed in 2020, it was the opportunity to travel freely. With many of us putting holiday’s on hold, cancelled trips and delayed destination weddings. We’ve got some serious making up to do in 2021! Here at Chi Chi we can always have you looking holiday ready in no time. Covering your swimwear needs to our new loungewear collection for that plane journey. Fancy dinners on the beach or exploring a new city with your girlfriends. Take a look below for some inspo and remember, keep that wardrobe holiday ready! While there are challenges, we can welcome this news as a hugely positive development. 

Chi Chi Neilia Lounge Set
Animal Print Swimsuit
Animal Print Swimsuit
Chi Chi Millie Lounge Set

We do!

To the couples that are waiting at the ready, to get down that aisle and say their vows, we’re with you! And hope that sooner rather than later, you can have something closer to the wedding of your dreams than may have been possible this year. If you have a wedding coming up in 2021, take a look at our guide on how to Get your Bridesmaid’s Squad Glam! And if it’s your special day, then why not take a look now at our Bridal collection, because there’s nothing better than feeling prepared for your big day! Or don’t forget to check back regularly for our new Bridal styles, we’re constantly updating the collection to keep it looking beyond beautiful. 

Wedding Dresses

Celebrate good times, come on!

Celebrations and events have come to an almost complete stand-still this year to everyone’s dismay. And so many of us are desperate to get back to celebrating, even if that means brunch with the girls! We have everything you need to get your glam on. Whether it’s planning a birthday or Christening, fancy dinner to celebrate that promotion or Easter celebration. We don’t know about you but we will be celebrating each and every event as long as it’s safe to do so, to make up for all that 2020 lacked. 

Chi Chi tori dress

While we are still living in uncertain times for the moment, it sure feels good to see that light at the end of the very long tunnel that has been 2020, and look forward to a better year for us all ahead.