Rose Red: How to look chic for your Valentine's Day date

Whether you’re on a quest to find true love or spending the night with the girls, dressing up for Valentine’s Day requires something extra special. To make sure that it’s love at first sight, we’ve come up with some chic looks to keep you rolling in the roses this Valentine’s Day.

Rosy red

There’s no doubt about it - red is the colour of love. As one of the most passionate colours out there, red can give off just the right vibes on a first date. Whether you’re going for a deeper maroon colour or dazzling your date with a gorgeous bright red, you can’t go wrong when it comes to ”the” Valentine’s Day colour.

Red Bodycon Party Dress with Ruffle Design
Halter Neck Floral Print Pleat Midi Dress


Nothing says sexy like a satin slip dress. The beautiful, wavy designs and a cheeky slip on the leg is sure to grab your date’s attention. With a variety of colours on offer, you’ve got the choice of walking in bright and bold or keeping things subtle with some classy neutrals. Either way, you’ll be irresistible with a pick from our selection.

Satin Slip Cami Strap Midi Dress
Green Ruched Satin Finish Fitted Midi Dress

Floral designs

Whether you’re hoping to be surrounded by beautiful bouquets on Valentine’s Day or not, complement the possibility with some stunning floral designs. Our collection is blooming with a variety of styles, from darker embroidered bodycon designs to the summery swing of our floral print midi dresses. Add a flowery edge to that special day with some flourishing floral patterns.

Floral Dresses


Everyone needs a little LBD in their life. As a staple of every woman's wardrobe, a chic LBD can be the perfect answer to your Valentine’s Day worries. With the huge variety of designs on offer, it’s easy to find an LBD that fits your tastes and matches with the rest of your outfit. If you’re looking for a dinners-then-drinks dress, the LBD is a sure-fire way to impress your date.

Black Midi Party Dress with Side Ruffle
V Neck Puff Sleeved Satin Look Midi Dress


Sometimes you’ll be standing in front of the mirror after hours of trying on outfits and something will still feel like it’s missing. A piece of jewellery can be the final piece of the Valentines puzzle, perfectly finishing off a gorgeous outfit. That final key could be a simple but cute, heart-shaped necklace, a chic collection of silver rings or even a sparkling bracelet.


Finding the right vibe for your date might take a bit of time, but when you nail that look it can be super satisfying for you and your date. No matter where you’re spending Valentine’s Day this year, swipe right on our chic outfits to dress up in something extra special.