Winter Weddings: Our ten part guide to the perfect winter wedding

While brides might overlook winter for the warmer months, the festive season can be a cosy and unique backdrop for your magical day. From the snowy white wedding photos to warm mulled wine, there’s something special about a winter wedding. On the fence? To fully convert you to the wonder of winter weddings, we’ve got together a ten part guide on how to plan the perfect snowy celebration.


First things first - heating. Keeping an eye on the weather is one of the key things to bear in mind when planning your winter wedding. Most venues will be able to keep your guests nice and warm, but if you’re in a rustic barn or marquee venue it’s always best to be prepared. You don’t want guests shivering when you tie the knot!

offer blankets
Warm barn

Layers and textures

When you’re planning outfits for bridesmaids and groomsmen, focusing on fabrics such as velvet and tartan is a great idea. They slip into the season perfectly while keeping your entourage warm. Darker hues are also suited to wintertime - a refreshing ice blue could help you stand out under the mistletoe.

Ice Blue theme wedding


Cheerfully cosy candles of the festive season are the ideal when to lay down a wintery atmosphere at both your wedding and reception. Find some comforting scents (cinnamon is our personal favourite) and lay them out around the venue. 

Get festive

Candles aren’t the only way to embrace the festive mood. If you’re willing to capture that festive feeling there’s plenty of ways to go about it. Decorating your venue with holly, sparkling christmas lights and popping crackers can help bring your guests together.

Noelle Downing weddding
Noelle Downing weddding

Seasonal flowers

As you probably know - if you get the flowers right, you get the wedding right. Beautifully bright blooms among berries and pine cones is the best basis for winter wedding flowers. We’d also suggest having a look into pure, metallic colours to add a sprinkling of seasonal white to your bouquet.

Winter Flowers

Embrace the snow

If you’re going abroad for your winter wedding, it’s time to embrace the snow. Areas like Sweden and Norway are the perfect destinations for smaller weddings. Those photographs of newly weds against a backdrop of pure white snow can never be beaten. 

Snowy wedding shoot
Snowy Couple

Snuggle up

If you’re heading towards a cosier vibe, you can’t go wrong with blankets. Giving your guests some extra comfort during the outdoor elements of your big day creates a suitably homely atmosphere. After all, it is the season for snuggling.

Blanket couple
blankets wedding

Level up

Winter weddings often mean more booking spaces and better rates for those special venues you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re willing to negotiate, you might just find that you can snap up a venue you wouldn’t be able to afford in summer. 


Whether you’re warming up with hot chocolate or getting merry on mulled wine, finding a wide variety of drinks that suit the season is essential for winter weddings. From Eggnog Coladas to Spiced Winter Mojitos, there’s all sorts of signature cocktails to have some fun with too.

Winter Wedding Drinks


As the bride, whatever you’re planning to wear has to be special. Sequin dresses are the perfect way to add some sparkle to the magical day. They’ll glitter off the wintery lights when you’re walking down the aisle and stick in everybody’s minds for years to come. Remember - those wedding photos last a lifetime.

Sequin Wedding Dress inspo
Sparkle Wedding Dress

Being bold and embracing the wintery themes will make your winter wedding one that nobody will ever forget. Have a look through our wedding dress collection today and captivate your wedding guests under the christmas lights.