Wedding Wonderland: How to make winter the theme of your wedding

Snow, festive decorations and a warm, comforting reception - winter weddings can be truly special. While you might be dreaming of a warm, sunny wedding, the winter months can offer you a totally unique day that will stick in the mind of your guests for years. If you want to make winter the main theme of your wedding, here are some of our top tips. 

Be careful with your colours

No matter what the season is, choosing the right colour palette is important for any gorgeous wedding theme and should be the first decision you make. When it comes to winter, we suggest finding inspiration outside. Icy white tones are the perfect fit, while silver greys and light blues also work wonderfully. Contrasting these lighter colours with darker greens and reds will help to complete that iconic winter wonderland look. Once you’ve determined the colour palette, you can get to work with aspects of your overall wedding design, including invitations and table centrepieces.

Winter Wedding flowers
One Shoulder Satin Finish Maxi Dress in Blue
Cowl Neck Satin Slip Midi Dress in Green


Go with the season

When you’re figuring out what food or drink to serve at your winter wedding, going with the season is always the right choice. Winter is one of the best seasons for that comfy, warming food, with a huge number of options to choose from. Why not go traditional and offer up turkey with a cranberry appetiser, alongside a delicious mulled wine? The cherry on top could be Baileys - the perfect winter drink. All in all, there are plenty of choices when it comes to delicious wintry foods, so make sure to have a browse around for some inspiration.

Bring the outdoors indoors

While it might be a bit chilly to stand outside during a winter wedding, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors. To create a wintry atmosphere at your reception or ceremony, we suggest bringing some of the outdoors indoors. From holly to mistletoe, there are plenty of ways to make things that bit more festive, while adding a touch of the natural world. Christmas trees are a perfect example, helping to add a soothing scent to the space too. Bouquets and table arrangements could also be themed and decorated with gorgeous red berries and holly.

Choose the right dress

We all know the most important element of any wedding is the dress. Thankfully, with a winter wedding, there’s no end to gorgeous styles. This long sleeve bridal dress is the perfect example, mirroring the traditional white of winter with a wonderfully bright design. Our long sleeve lace bodice dress is another beautiful choice, featuring a delicate lace style that fits the snowflake winter style perfectly.

Long Sleeve Lace Bodice Bridal Wedding dress in White
Flutter Sleeve Backless Lace Bridal Wedding Dress in White

Whether you’re attending a wedding or you’re the lucky bride getting married, looking gorgeous during the special day is a must. Take a look through our wedding hub today to pick up a memorable outfit for the big day.