Our top tips for picking out your bridal party

Planning a wedding is never easy, but picking out your bridesmaids may be the most difficult part. Even so, however big your bridal party is, there are a few ways to make the process as smooth and simple as possible. To help you out, we’ve got together some of our top tips for picking out your bridesmaids. 

Decide on the size of your group

Deciding on the size of your bridal party is the first big step. Whether you have two or ten bridesmaids, the amount will make a big difference to the ceremony and general wedding planning process. Bear in mind your venue and budget so you can be sure with your decision, but remember - leaving out some of your friends will be difficult if you go for a smaller group.


Talk to your family

Whether you like it or not, your family should be the first to turn to when you’re making your decisions. After knowing you their whole lives, mum and dad can provide you with helpful advice about which people to pick. Discussing things aloud with others is a great way to organise your thoughts properly and help you come to a decision you’re happy with. Don’t forget the adorable role of flower girls in your bridal party either!

Wedding Party

Remember your oldest friends

As we grow older, it’s easy to forget those friendships that have faded away over time. With modern life as hectic as it is, it’s not really a surprise. However, those friends you’ve had since pre-school and still talk to every so often shouldn’t be cast aside when creating a bridal party. If you know you’ll be friends for life no matter how often you talk, it’s worth considering a place in the party for them.

Who’s the Maid of Honour?

Being a maid of honour is a big deal - we all know that. They’ll be in charge of directing the bridesmaids and the hen do, as well as organising the bride’s veil on the big day. Not only do they play a practical role in the planning process, but the maid of honour is also your best and most trusted friend. Deciding on this lead role isn’t easy, so make sure to take some time to think about it.

Maid of Honour

Allocate roles

Assigning roles is an important part of the bridal party process. When the maid of honour has been decided upon, it’s time to assign some roles to the rest of your bridal party. Whether they’re assisting with the general planning of your wedding or helping to give advice on the process, there are plenty of ways for all your bridesmaids to make your wedding day a dream.

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