Our Fav Prom Fashion Moments

Prom season is around the corner, so there is no better time to brighten your day with a recap on our absolute top-tier prom fashion moments. Inspiration from these memorable movies is our simple secret to making your prom dream a reality. We know you will enjoy these iconic ideas, from cult classics to chick flicks.

Go Grease Lightening 

Grease Prom

I mean, how could we not have Grease on our list? Prom is the sign of the times; recycled prom inspiration is sourced from fashion over the decades, and this ageless 1950s themed scene captures the perfect 70s and 80s staple pieces from puff sleeves to bright and bold retro patterns for the modern vintage lover. Experience a blast from the past with this memorable movie, featuring fun and vibrant, alongside some interesting choices of prom attire. 

Get the Look...

Bridal Strapless Lace Midi Dress in White
Bridal Corset Bodice Glitter Tulle Midi Dress in White

Xoxo Gossip Girl…

Blair Gossip Girl

I mean, after watching the dangerous duo in their stilettos and dramatic dresses in the tantalising teen series Gossip Girl, there was no surprise when Serena and Blair gave a new meaning to prom attire when the date finally came. With a particular focus on beauty Blair, who pulls off her black and gold glam gown to the max, showing off any girl’s prom queen dream. 

Sissy Spacek’s Satin Seller

Carrie Prom Night

Apart from her unfortunate fate, Sissy Spacek plays the troubled teen to a T in the cult classic original Carrie. Her pink gown was totally to die for (spoiler alert!), and satin slip gowns are new in trend, with so many ways to style and accessorise this fit, with multiple wear use, not just for Prom!

Get the Look...

Satin Slip Cowl Neck Maxi Dress in Champagne
Petite Satin Slip Cami Midi Dress in Champagne

Plastics to Prom Princesses

Mean Girls Prom

If you hadn’t guessed it already, we are referring to the unbeatable best-selling chick flick Mean Girls; Janis, Damian, and of course Cady are my focus here, totally before their time if you ask me, showing that you can wear anything to Prom and look fabulous. Take the spotlight away from your typical prom dresses, and let suits and jumpsuits wear the tiara. These pieces are perfectly paired with Cady’s important message of being your true authentic self, giving your prom look a mix of purpose and personality.

Pretty Little Prom Queens

Pretty Little Liars Prom

A modern masterpiece made a statement at Rosewood High School with the cast of Pretty Little Liars and their fairy-tale-themed prom night to remember. They all looked like dazzling dancing queens, especially Alison and Aria. Ali was the modern portrayal of Belle from Beauty and the Beast in her yellow gown and red lip and Aria as Snow White with her blue top and red bow, replicating previous Disney princesses which is definitely the definition of unique and chic.