Bridesmaid makeup inspiration

With 2022 in full swing, there is no better time to get with the up-and-coming bridal makeup trends that will carry the year. If you have found yourself here because it is your turn to be a bridesmaid, you have come to the right place. Pro or beginner, makeup lover or hater, your virtual makeup guru Chi Chi is here. We know how important your role is for the special day; the bridal squad comes first, for better or for worse. We've got everything covered, from bold brows to a nude lip. Be the perfect Monica to your Rachel this year!


Out with the old, in with the new!

Let your makeup artist know that this is a must. Inner beauty is fabulous, but a bit of winged liner never hurts, especially when you use it to create the fox eye. Our deepest condolences to the fans of the winged cat eye, but we are (for now!) leaving this behind in 2021. We know this look will benefit you, opening and brightening the eyes, which not only looks great on camera but is a welcoming and warming look to guests. Thank you to our online queen TikTok for this 2022 down-the-aisle look. Say yes! to a more subtle and natural base for the face, emphasising the eyes.


In the Nude

Nude Make up
Nude Make Up

To have and to hold… Nude's will be there as we grow old! Are you a minimalist type of gal? Hate all the fussing about with bold colours? Or do you have a vibrant dress and don't want your makeup to clash? Yes, we hear you loud and clear, and we have one word: NUDE. Nude is the perfect companion, consistent, reliable, and always makes you feel good. The timeless look will never leave us, and we are pleased about it.

Stick to neutral shadows, a lip combo with a hint of pink and bring the blush back to accentuate the cheekbones and lift the face. 2022 is all for a natural bride, bringing more focus to the overall look on the day, A.K.A. The dress!


Bronzed babe takes the stage


We can't go wrong with a bronzey glow, which adds warmth to your complexion and gives a healthy yet natural look. Whether your venue is somewhere wintery or summery, this achieves the beach goddess vibe all year round. Simple yet effective, ready to make your day that little bit easier. Bronzer really is your bestie; pick one that's buildable so you can decide the look you want to go for. What's great is it is versatile, pop it in your clutch and use it for your cheekbones, eyeshadow, and contour! We know bridesmaids will be busy, so we know how to preach practical!


We can't say I do without the dew!

Dewy Make Up
Dewy Make Up

Dewy skin is in, liquid serums and blushes, creamy concealer and a sparkly illuminating highlight are all you need to build an effortless yet elegant look. 2022 is all about loving the skin you're in, so it's no surprise that enhancing our natural skin with pastel tones and a youthful glow is the go-to bridal makeup look. To avoid looking oily and shiny rather than luminous and dewy, make sure you use the correct primers and a translucent powder on the areas of your face that pick up on unwanted shine. Keep the cheekbones radiantly glowing at all times; the more shine, the better. It's all about finding the balance with dewy skin; make sure you exfoliate the night before and keep a facial mist in your bag, and you're already to watch your bestie glow down the aisle.