Wedding Flower trends we need to copy

There are fewer things that take more intricate planning than your wedding day. And considering the amount of preparation that it takes, we thought we’d offer a helping hand with some key Wedding Flower trends you’re going to want to take inspiration from for your own wedding! For most of us, right now is all about that ‘bigger than ever’ mentality. And we’ve chosen some great styles for you to take inspo from. Whatever your style, we think we’ve found something for you.


Expressive Colour Palettes

Traditional is so pre-pandemic. We. Want. Fun. And that can even translate to the colour palette you use to choose your flower bouquet. The rational behind this trend? Couples have been waiting longer than usual for their big day, and that excitement is coming through in every creative outlet. Choosing colours that feel more representative of your personal style and taste trumps what is traditional in 2021. 

Bright bold Wedding flowers


More Playful Blooms

If you spoke to your florist pre 2019, he or she would tell you peonies and dahlias are what you need in your bouquet. Speak to them in 2021? They’ll tell you their bouquet’s are way more interesting now. There is a shift towards more playful blooms, and if you’re one of those couples who are opting for a smaller more casual celebration and you’re more likely to be less worried about traditions! So get involved with your florist, and have fun with your designs, think outside the box!

More playful flowers


Earth Tones

If you have an Instagram or pinterest account, chances are you would have seen pampas grass crop up on your feed more than once or twice! And if you’re into your neutral’s but still want to create something creative and playful, then an earth tone bouquet could be just the ticket! For weddings at the end of summer entering Autumn, or with more of a boho vibe, this would be perfect. Think about coppery terra-cotta tones, rusty oranges and honey yellow’s.

Neutral tone flowers


More Grounded Installations

Floor or wall installations will take your wedding to the next notch. Your wedding planner will probably tell you what’s been more popular this year than the traditional hanging floral installations, are grounded statement florals around the bars and stairs on a larger scale. Looking at a larger installation rather than spreading the florals out around the venue make more of an impact, which is more economical and better for your budget too. 

Perfect wedding installations


Enhancing the Aisle

Whether it’s a big all singing all dancing affair, or a quiet intimate ceremony with your nearest and dearest. Walking down the aisle is always special. And what would make it even more special? An aisle meadow, creating a frame and focal point for the couple and their guests during the ceremony. It doesn’t get much more ‘Instagram-able’ than that. 

Perfect aisle settings