This summers nail trends

The moment a girl was reunited with her manicurist post lockdown was a day to remember. The long awaited countdown is well and truly done. And while we are SO glad to be back in the salon, we’ve changed. We seem to have collectively upped our game. Why? Because we can! No more nude, no more playing it safe. It’s time to have fun with your nails! And boy oh boy, do we have some seriously summery inspo for you. Get those perfectly manicured paws ready, it’s time for a #nailfie


Abstract Nails

There are so many colour combo’s, designs and swirl patterns to think about here! But the best thing about this is the freedom of it. Your manicurist will thank you for the twirly whirly whimsical feel of it all, the freedom. Whether it’s a nude base and white swirls or different shades of the same colour palette dancing around on your hands, there is a combo here to suit everyone’s taste. 

Orange Abstract Nails
Green Abstract Nails

Springy Pastel Nails

So, you know that feeling when you’re in an indecisive mood and can’t decide on one colour? Well then this trend was made for you! Now, the day’s of settling for one boring colour are long gone, go for it and ask for several shades of spring pastels. Either in the same colour palette or as pastel French tips. Whatever you fancy, the soft palette will compliment every outfit you rock this SS. 

Pastel Tips Nails
Pastel Nails

Fruit / Emoji nails

The key to feel good about anything you do this summer? Have fun with it! And what’s more fun than emoji’s? We’ll tell you what, cute fruit emoji’s. Thank your manicurist for the itty bitty fruit bowls of art or side smile emoji’s that are bound to have people asking, ‘where did you get your nails done?’

Emoji Inspired Nails
Emoji Inspired Nails

Sunset Shades & Bright Colours

What says summer more than a beautiful sunset? And those sunset hues? Sunset on your nails, that’s what. Go with some long acrylic tips or if you’re into that short and sweet ombre, that tequila sunrise vibe on your nails might be just what you’re after!

Sunset tips
Sunset tips

Japanese Inspired Manicures

And for all of you that like to keep it classic, you’re going to love the newest craze right out of Japan. This minimalist Japanese inspired manicures that focus on perfect cuticles and the most stunning shades of nude. Super low maintenance, and you’ll always find the perfect complimentary shade for your skintone, resulting in shiny, healthy and naturally glossy looking nails. 

Japanese inspired nails
Japanese inspired nails