Summer in our Sights: The top trends to look out for this summer

After a rollercoaster 2020, we’ve got our fingers crossed that summer 2021 is going to be unforgettable in all the right ways. Trends, styles and designs are always fluctuating in the fashion world and that won’t be any different this year. To give you a taste of what’s to come, we’ve got together some of the top trends to look out for in summer 2021.


After being stuck indoors all year, it’s no surprise that oversized looks will be one of the big trends this summer. Whether you’re nicking your boyfriend’s hoodie or lining up your wardrobe with your own cosy jumpers, oversized clothing works effortlessly when on top of a pretty floaty dress. A beautiful Rainbow Jumper would be ideal for those drizzly rainy days, while a pretty white roll neck is great for reflecting the bright, sunny weather.

Oversized Blazer
Rainbow Jumper

Floral styles

Floral styles have always had a distinct place in the fashion world, and this upcoming summer isn’t looking any different. A beautiful floral dress is an ideal way to complement the blooming summer months. Thankfully, we’re in no short supply - this stunningly detailed mini dress can be sumptuously offset with big black boots, while our bolder floral prints work well with some bright white kicks.

Floral Print Midi Day Dress
Long Sleeve Floral Mini Dress with High Neckline

Maxi dresses

When the sun is shining and you’ve got a glass of Pimm’s in your hand, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous maxi dress. A floaty crochet maxi dress is perfect for those comfortable afternoons sat outside the pub, while a more formal maxi dress is well suited to balmy summer evenings. Match your floating dress up with some chic shoes and your look will be to die for.

One Shoulder Satin Finish Maxi Bridesmaids Dress
Spot Print Midi Day Dress with Frill Detailing

Denim delight

If there’s one thing you can be sure of in the fashion world - it’s that denim never dies. Denim looks are nailed on to make a comeback this summer in the UK. When the sun isn’t out, you always need a back-up summer style, and denim is the perfect solution. Match up some beautiful skinny jeans with a cute black top and you’ll nail the summer 2021 look.

If everything goes to plan, this upcoming summer will live in the memory for years to come. Don’t miss your chance to make a fashion statement this summer by filling your wardrobe out with some of these top trends for 2021.

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