Bold and brights makeup

2020 was a lot of things, including proof that women wear make up for themselves. Proof that even when only half of your face is on show, feeling glam is more important for you than it is showing the world that red lippy under your mask. While there was definitely a huge emphasis on healthy glowing skin, now our social calendar’s are slowly but surely filling up again, glam is back and it’s bringing with it all the bold and brights from your colour palette! Take a look below at the biggest boldest make up trends for Summer 2021. 


Two toned – ombre lips

Bright Ombre Lip
Subtle Ombre Lip

Lips are making a come back. And it seems where for a while there we weren’t wearing even one lip colour, this year the trend is to pick two and ombre blend baby, blend. Whatever your skin tone, there will be a combo that works for you. Think Red blending into pink, or light pink blending into orange. Whatever the combo, keep the skin dewy and let your lips do the talking. Literally. 

Top Tip; Overline the bottom lip for a fuller pout and don’t forget those corners!


Bold Graphic liner 

Bold Colour Liner
Bold Black and White Liner

Graphic liner has been on our radar for quite some time now, and if this season’s runways are anything to go by they are here to stay! The sheer variation of graphic liner means you can adapt this to your eye shape and preferred colour palette in so many ways to adapt this to your personal style. Think about pastels as a floating liner or white and black liner for a monochrome feel. 

Top Tip;  sketch out your desired liner first with a pencil, going over with ink once you’re happy with the design and opt for super fine tips for clean lines.


Emerald Smokey Eye

Emerald Smokey Eye
Rihanna Smokey Eye

Another trend that’s not going anywhere, the smokey eye. But pack on deep emerald instead of a muted brown or black and you’ve got yourself some seriously sultry glam. With a smokey eye, it’s important to balance with a nude lip and offset the glitter and shimmer with a matte finish on the rest of your face.

Top Tip; make sure to prime and complete your desired eye look before applying concealer and the rest of your face products due to fall out. 


Bold Blush

Bold Blush
Bold Blush

With more of a focus on healthy skin over the last week, it’s no wonder we’re all wanting to emphasise taking that youthful blushing glow to the next level. Placement is everything, as is the perfect shade. Sheer pastel tones are the easiest to build up from subtle radiance to statement blush. And layering with a powder based blush builds pigment and sets for a more matte finish. 

Top Tip; play around with cheek tints, powder based blushes and liquid serums for a buildable flawess finish.