Shades: The colours you need to know about for winter 2021

From classic blue to a more neutral black, finding the right winter colours should be the number one priority for every trend-setter’s wardrobe. Shades that complement each other and the rest of your look will help you keep up-to-date with the latest trends. To keep you in the loop, we’ve picked some of our favourite colours that you need to know about for this coming winter season.

Classic Blue

Mirroring the natural colours of the colder months, classic blue is set to have a vibrant effect on lots of looks this winter. The shade is a gorgeous alternative to black and can be beautifully paired with both bright whites and darker shades. We’d also suggest looking for some lighter blues to give your look an element of variety. Blue was undoubtedly the colour of the year in 2020, so make sure you’re prepared for winter.

Shades Blue

Mandarin Red

Mandarin red dominated catwalks in 2020 and for good reason. The bright shade is a perfect contrast to the colder weather and will help to lift your look with its warm vibe. The darker samba red is also set to make a mark in winter 2021 with a more subtle, toned down shade. If you’re looking for something bright, mandarin red is the colour for you.

Shades Red

Exuberance Orange

Carrying on with the warmer tones, the intense exuberance orange shade is one of our stand-out colours for this coming winter. This popular colour is sure to help you stand out during winter-time and will give your look an added brightness. Those looking for something a bit lighter should look for the more subtle amber glow shade.

Shades Orange


The boldest neutral shade that never goes away - black is always at the forefront of fashion trends. This year we’ve seen it make a bigger statement than ever, with brands making a lot of use of the dark shade. Fortunately, black is perfect for experimenting with and can be combined with the shades we’ve already mentioned. If you’re a fan of black, now’s the time for you to let loose. 

Shades Black

While all these shades offer something different for the new season, it’s important to keep mixing things up. Get your creative juices flowing and blend some of your favourite shades to create a look unique to you this winter.