Shades of Spring: Our favourite colours for the season ahead

When you start spotting blossom falling from the trees and bright yellow daffodils popping out of the ground, we all know what time of year it is. Spring is a season of life and colour, so picking the right shades for your outfit takes a bit of thought. Whether you’re going for a dazzling blue or a pretty pink, we’ve got together a list of spring colours that will have you blooming this season.

Natural green

Bursting with a vivacious brightness, greens should always be at the top of our spring wardrobe. As the days start to get warmer, you can gradually start changing up your outdoor wear with floating green spring dresses. Why not add some sleek textures to your look too? Green dresses with satin textures scream spring and can match you up perfectly with the season.

Polka Dot Midi Dress with High Neckline
Ruffle Balloon Sleeved Knitted Jumper

Bright white

As one of the most popular shades, white is pretty much perfect for all seasons. However, we’ve got a particular liking for it in sunny spring. Detailed spot tops matched with some blue jeans can offer a perfect balance of formal and informal. If that’s not doing it for you - why not switch them around? Bright white jeans contrasted by a black top offers a balanced combination and one that suits spring down to the ground.

Chi Chi Adelina Dress
Balloon Sleeve Spot Print Blouse Top

Pretty in pink

With the flowers starting to bloom, reflecting those beautiful colours is a must. Pink is one of those colours that works very well with a detailed floral pattern. On those sunny afternoons, a floating pretty pink dress can add even more sunshine to the day. If you want to be extra playful and glamorous, add some striking red to your look. It doesn’t stop at those big parties either - pink is a comfy colour and is perfectly suited to loungewear sets

Drape Sleeve Knitted Lounge Set
Floral Print Frill Mini Dress

The deep blue

Finding a special hue of blue that works for you can be very rewarding. A deep, warm blue can offer something slightly darker, while maintaining that all important colourful palette. Once again, floating dresses are a spring speciality and those designs look beautiful in a deep blue colour with lace details. Dreamy sky blues are also ideal for the spring season and matching them up with floral designs keeps things interesting.

Abstract Midi Dress with Angel Sleeves
One Shoulder Jacquard Dip Hem Dress

As the days start to get warmer and summer peers over the horizon, brightening up your wardrobe is the perfect way to align with spring. Get creative and experiment with some of these colours and you’ll discover some killer combos for the season.