Perfect Palette: How to pick the right colour combos for you

Mixing, matching and shaking it up is all part of the fun when it comes to picking colour combos. But making it up as you go along isn’t always the best idea. Putting together the right kind of colour combos takes a bit of intuition and guidance. To help you find a look that clicks, we’ve got together a simple guide to help you out.

Consider monochrome outfits

If you’re searching for a complete and rounded look, a monochrome outfit is always the way to go. It’s not like you can’t mix it up with monochrome either; try out different combinations of shade and brightness until you find that sweet spot. Dressing tonally can give your look much more variety than you would have thought.

White Monochrome
Black Outfit

Mollie is wearing Amira Trousers


Whenever you’re looking for new, fresh colours, always remember that blacks, whites and greys are your best friend! The neutral dream team has no saturation level or hue, which means they can be paired beautifully with almost any colour without disrupting your combinations (the brightness of grey is the only exception here, so keep an eye out when adding it into your palette). Even more useful is the fact that these naturals can be pulled into one to create an undeniably chic outfit all year round.

Neutral outfit
Neutrals outfit


Complementary colours combine two contrasting shades that respond to each other without clashing. Finding the right balance here requires a bit of messing about with different colours. Splashing in some neutral into your complementary colours can break your look up a bit without distracting from your combinations. Experimentation is a sure-fire way to find a combination unique to you. 

Complimentary outfit

Rebekah is wearing Ellen Coat


On a standard colour wheel, analogous colours are groups of three shades that sit next to each other. For instance, red, red-orange and orange would be three colours considered analogous. Following a colour wheel can be really inspirational when you’re stuck wondering what to wear. Analogous colours allow for a bit of playing around with hues and brightness too, helping you to keep mixing it up.

Throwing on whatever you have in your wardrobe and hoping it works isn’t the best way to go about colour combinations. Take some time to look at colour wheels, use neutrals and listen to your own sense of taste.