Party: Our favourite looks for Christmas party season

From decorating the family tree to watching your boss embarrassing himself at the Christmas party, the festive season is always packed with tradition. If you want to look the part, finding fabulous outfits for Christmas is all about sequins, glamour and vibrant colours. To get you on the right track, here’s a few of our favourite looks for this upcoming Christmas season.


Glitzy, glittering, and glamorous in all the right ways - sequins are a staple of the classic Christmas look. From deep green midi dresses to glimmering white mini dresses, our collection of sequin dresses contains a huge range of designs perfect for the festive season. If you’re a bit stuck on what to wear, you can’t go wrong with a shimmering sequin outfit.

Sequin Dresses

Winter layers

Let’s be honest - Christmas in 2020 is going to be a lot different to previous years. If you’re meeting your friends outside, layering up is both comfortable and extremely stylish. Some of our winter coats contain chic, camel styles that suit the season down to the ground. Match up a lovely turtleneck with some sophisticated heels and stylish trousers and you'll complete the look.

Layers Party
Layers Party2


Reds, greens and golds are all part and parcel of the colourful Christmas look. Don’t be afraid to go bold during the Christmas season; those colours are all as relevant as you can get! We’ve got a massive selection of exciting designs, so have a look through our dresses to find something that suits your tastes. Going with these vivid colours is sure to capture the eyes of the party and contribute to that festive feeling.

Christmas colours


Sometimes you can be so focused on nailing your dress that it can be easy to forget about the cherry on top - accessories. Jewellery is great for adding that extra layer of luxury to your look, especially at Christmas time. Whether it’s a dazzling necklace or stunning drop earrings, the possibilities are endless. 

Hair Accessories

Rocking the statement shoe is never more acceptable than at Christmas time. Take up the opportunity that the season gives you to wear those fancy heels in the wardrobe you’ve been waiting to wear for ages. As we’ve said before, go bold and experiment with your look - why not try some of our gorgeous lace-up heels

Casual, formal or something in between, the variety in our collections is sure to have something to fit all tastes. Remember, be brave, go bold and find a dress that you feel comfortable in and you’ll be jingling all the way home.