Keep Calm and Carry On

This year has been extraordinary in so many ways, but we can rely on some age old and familiar favourites to go back to when we’re feeling uneasy to take our mind off the negative. There are some easy hobbies to try at home that have the added benefit of easing anxiety and stress, and we want to share some of those with you all to calm our overactive minds and alleviate panic symptoms. 

Finding out what works for you can take a bit of trial and error, but we do have more time than usual at the moment!

Get Crafty

Think scrap booking, drawing and painting. Playing with different textures and to express emotions and create can feel therapeutic and rewarding. Set up a quiet spot in your home and lay out your tools, get some music on and get creating!


Audible Therapy

All you need is a listening device and, headphones if you don’t want your housemates to hear what’s going on. Music can be very calming, or uplifting depending on the type of music you listen to. Dancing around in the privacy of your own home, to your favourite music is an almost guaranteed mood booster! And if you’ve got the house to yourself, sing to your heart’s content. 

Word Play  

Daily journaling, stories, poetry and letters are great ways to get emotions out that may be pent up over a stressful period. Get yourself a notebook, find yourself a cosy spot and a cup of tea. And take ten minutes out of your day to jot down how you’re feeling. 

Diary keeping

Get Moving

There are few things that are scientifically proven to reduce stress as effectively as exercise. It releases endorphins, feel good hormones, and increases our body temperature which has a calming effect. Excess energy which is built up can lead to anxiety, so exercise is a great way of burning this off. In the market for new active wear?

Montana Set
Monn Set

Furry Friends

If you don’t have your own pet, now is a great time to make friends with that neighbor with the cute dog down the road. Studies show interaction with animals can decrease anxiety. Something as simple as giving your pup a cuddle can increase levels of stress reducing hormone oxytocin. 

Cat Cuddles with Gabriella
Dog Snuggles with In The Flow

Get your Chef On

Cooking gives you a feeling of accomplishment while allowing yourself to nourish your body. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but finding new recipes and finding new flavors can be so much fun.