Our mission to celebrate inspiring women continues with the incredible teachers of Bush Hill Park Primary school in Enfield, London.

We wanted to know more about what it takes to be a teacher, so we sat down with some of the incredible women who teach at Bush Hill Park and asked them what inspired them to enter the profession. Some became teachers because they wanted to help children in their most formative years, some because they saw the education system failing in their own childhoods.

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One of the things that inspired us most when meeting the teachers was the sheer amount of hard work that goes into their everyday lives. They spoke of hours of lesson planning, training and marking and admitted there were often difficult times. But, every single teacher also described the joy that comes from seeing a child progress and how this makes all the tough times worth it.

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To celebrate all that they do, we treated 11 of Bush Hill Park's teachers to an evening of fun, food and fashion, with each teacher gifted a Chi Chi London outfit of their choice. They also received gift bags full of Chi Chi goodies, and we presented them with all the sweet and charming interviews with their students describing what they love most about their teachers.

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"The evening made every single one of us feel special and appreciated. It was a much welcomed change from our usual routine and we were all ready to face the week ahead with a  positive attitude. Thank you so much for such a wonderful treat!"

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Chi Chi London were honoured to be able to make a donation to Bush Hill Park Primary school, which will be put towards the development of their new art department.

Special thanks to:

The teachers of Bush Hill Park Primary School

Stephanie Athanasiou

Kirsty Munns

Anna Theodosiou

Miss Athanasiou