In the Know: The top ten trends to look out for in 2021

Finding the balance between daring originality and sticking with the latest trends is all part of the fashion game. Every year the industry shakes things up and it takes some effort to stay on top of all the shifts in the fashion world. To help you out, we’ve got together a list of the top ten trends you should be keeping an eye out for next year.

Oversized jackets

There’s a reason why your boyfriend’s baggy jumper is so comfy. Oversized tops, jackets and jumpers contrasting slim bottoms will be all the rage in 2021, especially during spring. Make sure you’re ready with a look through our chic cosy jumper selection.

Oversize Jackets
Oversize Jumpers

Black face masks

We all know life won’t be back to normal anytime soon. Face masks are quickly starting to become part of how we dress, so buying one that fits into your wardrobe is essential. We’d suggest patterned black - a neutral tone that goes with most looks.

description here

Pastel colours

Bold without being too bright, pastel colours will be making even more of an impact in 2021. Perfect for all skin tones, pastels can add some lightness to your look and are perfect for the summer months.

Camel styles

Camel styles never seem to go out of style. Ideal for mixing and matching, camel colours give your look a retro vibe straight from the ‘70s. A subtle camel coat is the perfect fit for autumn and spring, as well as being flattering. 

Camel Colours

Big sleeves

Keeping with our baggy theme, puffed sleeves will be big in 2021. A dominating and bold look, our puffed sleeve dresses offer a slice of 80s retro designs adapted to the 21st century. Puffed sleeves also add a feminine touch and a slimmer waist to your appearance - nobody’s complaining there!

Lexis Top
Alisha Dress

Chunky boots

Generating some powerful contrasts with your outfit is going to be a top trend in 2021 and that’s why chunky black boots are right up there on our list. Find a floating, bright feminine dress to pair up with your black boots for a cool ‘90s aesthetic.

Matching printed tops and bottoms

Here at Chi Chi, we adore our print designs. Going all out with a matching print outfit is the way to go in 2021. Whether you’re looking for bright floral designs or animal print styles, there’s plenty to choose from to take your outfit to the next level.


We’re sure neutrals will be around in 2021 because they’re around every year. A fashionista’s godsend, no wardrobe is complete without a variety of neutrals to choose from. If you’re going to mix and match next year, grab some blacks, whites and greys to balance your look. 

HOlly Jumper Dress
Rosie co-ord

Polka dots

With some stunning modern details and elegant designs, polka dot styles will be making a big statement in 2021. Polka dot dresses are the perfect summer look and can keep things bold without being too bright. 

Polka Dot


Less grandma chic and more modern retro - crochet is one of the coolest textures around. Often coming in gorgeous whites and blacks, crochet tops are perfect for mixing and matching. If you’re looking for more formal designs, crochet dresses look like they’re going to be a trendsetter next year.

Nobody can predict the future, but these looks are sure to make a big impact on the fashion world next year. Have a browse through our selections today, follow our style guide and stay up-to-date with all the latest trends so you can keep your look contemporary.