Happy 50th Birthday, Pride.

At a time where the world is adapting and changing in so many ways, 2020 has been the year we have all taken an inward look at our lives and what we care most about. Many of us had big plans this year, trips to take, new jobs to start, dreams to follow. But the focus has re-shifted and bigger more fundamental changes have taken place on a global scale.

While battling a global pandemic, worldwide civil unrest and racial injustice. It seems even more important now more than ever to celebrate our differences and the diversity in our communities. The LGBTQ+ community has continued to make infinite contributions and celebrated their place in the world, and the Pride Parade celebrated it’s 50th birthday this year!


We associate Pride with bright colours, dancers and an overwhelming feel good energy, which of course it has in abundance. But it also serves as an important platform to lobby and demonstrate for causes such as same sex marriage and other matters surrounding equality in society.

This year was Pride’s 50th birthday, and the theme #youmeuswe was held online for the first time since the event began. Instead of marching and taking to the streets to celebrate, thousands tuned in virtually, taking Pride virtually to their homes.

Now we’ll look at some ways to make a difference and support your local LGBTQ+ community.

And here are at least three ways to show up and do just that:

  1.   Donate to your community –

Via the website, link below, is the opportunity to directly donate and contribute to the Unity Fund and the work undertaken by Pride to support the community.

  1.   Be There for your community

-          Pledge your allyship by speaking out against injustice and standing by your peers in the face of transphobia or any form of discrimination.

-          Educate friends and family on the LGBTQ+ communities and have open honest discussions to eradicate taboo’s around the subject.

-          And finally, as simple as it sounds, think about asking for preferred pronoun when you meet a new person. It could make all the difference.

  1.   Celebrate your community

Go to https://prideinlondon.org/about-us/campaigns/you-me-us-we#celebrate-your-community and share your own stories about someone in the LGBTQ+ community.


 *Taken from: https://prideinlondon.org/about-us/campaigns/you-me-us-we

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