Get that Glow: The key to flawless sun-kissed skin

Dewy tones and a natural finish is the perfect look for your skin this summer. From lounging by a pool to sipping champagne at a wedding, a gorgeous sun-kissed glow will pull your outfit together effortlessly. At Chi Chi, we’re all about expressing yourself authentically and using makeup to enhance your beauty rather than hide it. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our best makeup tips to give you naturally radiant skin.

Moisturiser & Foundation 

To imitate that dewy “I’ve just been swimming” skin, step one is to make sure you moisturise. Not excessively, but enough that your skin feels hydrated. Then, without allowing the moisturiser time to dry, apply your foundation and concealer. The moisture beneath gives a light and even finish, and lends an inner glow to the base of your makeup. This will create a natural highlight at the high points of your face and give a fresh appearance.

If the weather’s hot and you don’t want heavy makeup, you can go a step further with this trick and mix a small amount of foundation with your moisturiser. This gives a smooth tint and is an easy way to achieve sheer coverage, similar to a BB cream. 


Cream Blush 

Powder blushes are amazing, but they do give a matte finish to your skin. Using a cream blush instead, will maintain the dewy glow of your skin and provide a buildable pigmented colour, suited for natural or bold looks.

For a chic look in one step, blend the blush into the apple of your cheeks and the side of your temples, then finish with a coat of mascara. Alternatively, you can bring the colour across your eyelids and down the top of your cheekbone for a soft flush in seconds.

To shop chic styles to match your new blush look, our Blush and Pink Occasion Dresses collection covers every imaginable shade in flattering styles perfect for important events.



The most important step is picking the perfect shade, and this might mean getting a couple of colours to account for when you get a tan. You want your bronzer to be one to two shades darker than your skin, anymore than that and the bronzer won’t blend well. 

When applying bronzer you need to be strategic to accent the dewy radiance of your skin look. You want to stick to the edges of your temples and follow your cheekbone to the apple of your cheeks. Do the same to your jawline and the sides of your nose for a more sculpted look. Blending out the bronzer thoroughly will also ensure a natural finish: remember to use a denser brush initially, then blend out with a fluffier one.


Liquid Highlighter 

Liquid highlight, like bronzer, should be well matched to your skin. The correct undertones for your skin are super important in achieving a natural looking glow. We advise silver toned highlight for cold toned skin, and gold toned highlight for warmer toned skin. 

Dot a little liquid highlighter along your brow bone and the top of your cheekbone then blend out with your finger or a silicon blender. Blend thoroughly for a seamless finish, or a little less for a brighter sheen. 


Moisturising Mist 

Our final top tip is moisturising mists; they’re the perfect pick me up for your makeup, particularly when the sun’s drying out your skin. We always like to keep one in our handbag, because a quick spritz revitalises your makeup’s radiance instantly. To shop summery prints to match your fresh-faced look, visit our Floral Dresses edit full of chic and flowery styles.


Say no to glitter!

Glitter can be tempting, particularly when you’re trying to achieve a sun-kissed look. However, in the sunlight, too much sparkle can work against you when you’re looking for a natural glow. We recommend keeping the sparkle on your outfit rather than your foundation, with a sequin dress or shimmery brocade mini.

For this particular makeup look, we recommend staying away from sparkly foundations, glittery bronzer, lip gloss, powder highlighter and glitter blush. Getting the perfect sun-kissed look is all about light coverage, subtle contour, deep moisture, and finishing your look with a charming smile.