Fashion HIIT: The Chi Chi thirty minute home workout plan for October

Sweating buckets on a treadmill or exercise bike? While endurance training should definitely have a place in your weekly programme, the quick and fast HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout will revolutionise how you think about weight loss. With everyone spending more time shut in their homes, there’s never been a better excuse to sort out your exercise routine. Here’s our own thirty minute workout plan to get you started.

What is HIIT?

HIIT is a circuit based workout program that is continuously repeated during a half an hour time slot. We’d suggest trying to repeat the circuit at least 2 times within the allotted time, while taking at least 60 seconds rest after each exercise. That means spending about 45-60 seconds on each exercise.

Warm up (3 mins)

We’re all guilty of forgetting this first stage, but warming up is essential if you’re going to optimise your HIIT routine. Spend 3 minutes doing some simple stretches just to get yourself limbered up for the next half an hour.

Box Squats

Facing away from a previously set up chair, clasp your hands in front of your chest and squat down until you’re barely touching the seat. Pause for a second, stand up straight and repeat the process for a solid minute. If you’re struggling just remember that this exercise is great for strengthening your core.

Mountain Climber

This one definitely lives up to its name. The mountain climber is a perfect tummy toner and doesn’t use any extra items. Simply get into a press up position, extend your arms and bring alternating knees up towards your chest. Keep repeating this for the whole minute.

Bicycle Crunch

Next up is the bicycle crunch. While we’ll admit it doesn’t sound too friendly, the crunch is brilliant for stimulating your oblique muscles. Lay down with your lower back touching the floor. Put your hands on either side of your head, while extending one of your legs and bringing the other up towards your chest. When in this position, twist your core so that the opposite arm is moving towards your raised knee. Do this back and forth for the whole minute.

Star Jump

Simple, fast and very accessible - star jumps are a deceivingly tough exercise within the HIIT workout. Stand up straight with your arms by your sides and when you jump, make sure you extend your arms and legs at the same time. Find a rhythm and keep repeating the process for between 30-45 seconds.

Warm down (3 mins)

If you’ve put yourself through your paces, this stage should be a welcome relief! Taking the time to warm down will drastically increase your recovery time and make tomorrow’s session that bit easier. Performing some of those long stretches will also remove the lactic acid that would otherwise build up in your muscles and leave you aching.

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