Creating the perfect outdoor environment for summer nights

Summer signals the beginning of so many long awaited sunny days, but those balmy nights spent in the garden watching the sun go down? They might just be what we look forward to the most. And with so many of us having invested both time and money the last year creating transforming our homes into our sanctuary, gardens and balconies especially in the summer are by no means any exception. So without further ado here’s some easy and fuss free tips on how to create the perfect outdoor environment for summer nights.


Light it up

Ambience is everything! As the light fades, you want to make sure there is still more than enough light to carry on the festivities long after the sun goes down, especially when entertaining. Fairy lights create the most magical environment and we’re still not over just how so affordable and adorable they are! Think about adding in some scented candles to compliment the fairylights, and a few larger lanterns thrown in for good measure!

Garden Lights
Garden Lights2

Keep it cosy

In the UK, we’re not exactly blessed with tropical weather. But there’s something very comforting about that evening summer breeze. For those nights where it’s a little on the cooler side, grab some big picnic blankets and lay over seat’s for extra comfort, warmth and padding. As well as lighter throws to snuggle up for those who might get a little chilly later into the evening.



If you’re lucky enough to have a garden with enough space for a firepit, we’d suggest investing! It’ll change the entire ambience of your space, and give larger spaces a much needed focal point. There really are some great options, and really would come in handy all year long!

Garden Firepit

Bug Free Zone

Now not everyone is afraid of bugs, but they can be a nuisance, especially if you’re entertaining in the garden and there’s food involved! The good news is if you’re having a BBQ, smoke is a naturally bug repellent. But also, getting a mini fan and placing it at the end of your food table to gently keep away any flies is a great option too!


Jacuzzi time

Last summer, hot tub sales rose by 1000% as the UK enjoyed hot summer heat waves and an extended lockdown. Now, jacuzzi’s aren’t always as extravagant a purchase as you might think, and besides, think about the fun factor! You can go from pretty modest in budget and size to completely over the top but, there’s something to suit most spaces! Your friends and family would definitely love you for it.

Jacuzzi nights
Jacuzzi nights

However you decide to spend your time this summer in your outdoor space, remember to get that sunscreen on and stay hydrated!