Campaign for Happiness

Campaign for Happiness – Giving back at Chi Chi London.

Think back to last year, the order of the world was different. Our perspective and what we thought was important has since had to be reassessed. If someone had told you pre-Covid that you would be standing on your doorstep on a Thursday night clapping for key workers, particularly doctors and nurses across the country, you would ask why? And what was a ‘Key Worker’?


Our lives this year have been in the hands of the NHS, which we have all had to lean on at some point in our lives. But now the daily strain and pressure on doctors and nurses around the country was unprecedented, at an all time high. Suddenly the appreciation for supermarket workers who kept our shelves stocked, teachers who taught our next generation and our NHS who literally kept us breathing was a topic of conversation.

Up and down the country, small acts of kindness became all we could do to give back to those putting their lives at risk daily. From countless individuals raising money for charity, to organisations big and small showing appreciation, everyone wanted to do their bit for those who kept the country moving during lockdown, allowing us to still put food on our tables and trust that hospitals and GP’s could still help us if we needed it.

Early on during lockdown, Chi Chi London wanted to show their appreciation by offering store credit to our NHS heroes, teachers, all supermarket and blue light workers.

Why store credit? Because in the midst of the uncertainty, to be able to look forward to a time where you could do something as simple as make a purchase and treat yourself, an act of self care, is hugely important. Adding to this the acknowledgement for your hard work, and appreciation from strangers, it was the least we could do.


Since the Campaign for Happiness began, over 1,364 NHS workers have been issued store credit amounting to £26,170. We thank you!

store credit
Thank you NHS