Black Friday Bonanza: Our top picks for winter 2020

Discovering mind-blowing deals from the comfort of your own sofa is what Black Friday is all about. We love a bargain as much as the next person and that’s why we’ll be taking our Black Friday game to the next level this year. To help you get prepared for those bumper Black Friday deals, we’ve got together our top picks for the frosty months.

Savannah Coat

Fluffy, comfy and irresistibly chic, our Savannah Teddy Coat is the perfect way to wrap up warm this winter. The wonderfully shaded neutral grey is great for complementing with everything in your wardrobe. This coat is suitable for that chillier weather - keeping you nice and snug in the depths of winter, while still looking gorgeous.

Savannah Coat
Savannah Coat influencer

Sofie Jacket

Looking for something a bit smarter? This Belted Waterfall Sofie Jacket has an elegant, smooth cut, while maintaining a stunning level of professionalism with a stylish belt. The camel colour is all the rage in the fashion world right now too. Perfect for those sunny winter days, make sure to snap this one up in our Black Friday deals.

Sofie Influencer
Sofie Coat

Roll Neck Lounge Set

Let’s be honest, everyone’s spent more time indoors than usual this year. Snuggling up by the warm winter fire isn’t something to miss out on. Our Lounge Sets are the perfect way to stay as cosy and comfortable as possible with the rain falling outside. Coming in all shapes, sizes and colours, our Roll Neck set is a particular favourite.

Sophie Lounge Set
Roll Neck influencer

Animal Print Jumper

When the days become darker and everything starts to get gloomier, splashing some colour onto your outfit is a brilliant antidote. Our snug Animal Print Jumpers add some chic patterns to your wardrobe and keep you warm at the same time. Have a look through our deals to find one perfect for your look.

Tamera Jumper
Tamera Jumper

Hats, Gloves & Scarves

Winter looks are all about layers. Mixing and matching with hats, gloves and scarves is all part of the fun when fashioning a proper winter wardrobe. From our wonderfully colourful Check Print Scarf to cute Bobble Hats, there’s so much to play around with in our collection. Add those extra layers to your outfit and stay comfy no matter the weather.

Plume Hat

Our Black Friday Bonanza isn’t going to be one to miss. As you can see, our collections are packed with cosy, comfy and stylish designs. Make sure you’re ready to grab some of the best deals for winter clothing around and give your winter wardrobe a refresh.