15 Things You Need To Know When Planning Your Wedding

Whatever way you look at it, wedding planning is stressful. From booking the right venue to picking the dress of your dreams, things can get on top of you really quickly. To give you a heads up, we’ve got together a few things you should know before you begin the process of planning your wedding.

Start the planning process early

We probably don’t have to convince you too much with this one! However, if you’re a chronic procrastinator (who isn’t?), you might tend to leave things until the last minute. The fact is that the sooner you start your wedding planning, the more time you’ll have to create your dream wedding. Even if the date is years away, we suggest thinking about the day as soon as you can.

The dress

When the planning starts, who’s mind wouldn’t head straight to the bridal dress? Luckily for you, we’ve got a huge range of wedding dresses to choose from, covering all tastes and preferences. The dream of a perfect wedding starts with the dress, so don’t stress if finding the right one is taking some time. Don’t hesitate to spend as much time as you like looking for that holy grail - when you know, you know. 

Sleeveless Textured Bridal Wedding Dress with Train in White
Sleeveless Premium Lace Bridal Wedding Dress in White


Don’t leave out your significant other

The two most important people at your wedding are you and your groom, so unintentionally leaving out your partner isn’t a good idea. Keeping things balanced between the two of you is key for the perfect wedding, so try and get your other half involved in the process as much as you can.

Set & stick to your budget

We know - budgets are boring. At the end of the day though, it’s important to ensure that your budget is both realistic and stuck to. You can easily add unnecessary stress to the planning process if you’re slowly creeping over your limit and it’s a trap too many couples fall into.

Always get second opinions

When you’re being bombarded with decisions to make about your wedding, it can be difficult to think straight. If you’re ever feeling lost or unsure about something, always try to chat with your bridal party or family before committing to any contracts. 


Keeping a checklist is super useful

When you’re juggling so many jobs, it’s all too easy to not get anything booked or planned. Keeping a checklist or journal will help you maintain a good idea of timings and planning you still need to get done. When things start to get overwhelming, you can quickly take a look at your checklist to get a clearer idea of what still needs ticking off. 

Keep a specific date in mind

Having an exact date in mind can help you focus your planning and makes booking venues and inviting guests in time easier. Even so, it’s worth bearing in mind that a planned date doesn’t mean you can’t move things around at a later time if you need to.

Take some time to think about your guest list

While your venue, dress and reception are pivotal parts of the big day, the people are ultimately what makes your wedding. We recommend taking some time to really sit down and think about who and how many you want to invite. An adults-only rule is another consideration that could be worth thinking about, as well as a much smaller ceremony.

Keep a plan B

If you don’t have a plan B ready during the planning process, you’re playing with fire. A backup plan can be your safety net, especially if things like venue bookings fall through. Whatever it is, always have a plan B in mind - it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Wedding Venues

Snoop around the local area

Before you commit to a venue, taking a walk around the local area is a must. Whether it’s abroad or somewhere in the UK, have a wander through the town and talk to the people - if you get that ‘gut feeling’, you know you’re on to a winner. A day as big as your wedding deserves your full attention.

Don’t burn yourself out

Trust us - wedding planning can feel like a real job. If you want your wedding to be the best it can be, giving yourself some time and space for relaxation is key. Make sure you allow yourself at least a day or two off each week to sit on the sofa binge your favourite show - it’ll help in the long run.

Look elsewhere for inspiration

Setting up a Pinterest account or following certain Instagram accounts is a great way to encourage your own inspiration, with some having some truly gorgeous design concepts. The more places you can find inspiration, the more unique your wedding day could be.

Wedding Decor

Don’t forget the photos

Always do your research before booking a wedding photographer. Your wedding pictures will last for decades to come, so it’s crucial to get someone in who ‘gets’ you. We suggest having a chat with a variety of photographers you’re a fan of before booking someone in.

Discuss things with your married mates

Before you begin planning your wedding, talking to your married mates makes complete sense. Bring some questions with you about what they struggled with during the planning process and see if you can avoid any of those going forward. 

Enjoy it!

What’s the point in planning a wedding if you’re not going to make the most of it? Ultimately, your wedding day is the most important day of your life and it only happens once - so enjoy it!

If you’re looking for some wedding inspiration, our wedding dresses collection is the perfect place to start. Filled with a variety of gorgeous designs, brides of all tastes will find something beautiful to wear on the big day.