Work It: How to dress for an interview

Is there anything more nerve-wracking than an interview? Running late for the train, stumbling over your words or sweating in the waiting room - there’s a lot of things that can go wrong. Making sure you’re prepared with a great outfit can give you the confidence to overcome any of these obstacles and allow you to shine through and get your dream job. Here’s our tips for dressing for an interview.


A distinctive aura of professionalism is crucial if you’re going to get that job. Your clothes have a huge part to play in projecting that image in your interview. A sophisticated navy or green blazer is a stylish and versatile choice for your look. It can be easily paired with neutral shades and works well with a chic, buttoned-down shirt. Ultimately, you’re giving off the right vibes with a smart, up-scale blazer.

Spot Print Longline Blazer
Long Sleeved Button Through Pleat Shirt

Patterned blouse

If you’re looking for something unique without being too loud, patterned blouses offer an ideal balance between the two. Our designs level professionalism with vibrant patterns, helping you project the right personality. Levelling things up is easy too - simply add a blazer to dress up and give your overall look a professional quality. Pair up your blouse with a basic black pencil skirt and your interview outfit will be complete. 

Chi Chi Amalie Shirt
Long Sleeve Spot Print Shirt in Pink

Classic style

When you’re mixing and matching, sometimes your look can become a bit too jumbled. If you’re looking for a last-minute look, classic neutrals can save you without being too boring. Slip into a gorgeous LBD paired with some simple black tights and you’ll embody the modern and tasteful professional. To finish things off, add some chic black shoes to match the rest of your outfit. If you want to add something a bit different, subtle textures and patterns can make all the difference without ruining the simplicity of your look. 

Mesh Polka Dot Midi Dress in Black
Leatherlook Pinafore Mini Dress In Black

Statement dress

Looking to make an entrance? There’s nothing wrong with walking into the interview room bold and beautiful. We’d recommend taking some time to experiment with certain colours that maintain the professional atmosphere. Deep reds and blues can work incredibly well in the interview environment, while a modest but bright turquoise might offer something a bit more vivid. Find a beautiful dress that balances professionalism with intrigue and you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd.

Plus Size Cap Sleeve Midi Ruffle Dress
Abstract Midi Dress with Angel Sleeves in Navy

Nailing that first impression when you walk into the interview room is vital if you’re going to get the job. Follow our top tips for a professional interview outfit and you’ll be strolling out of the door with a huge smile on your face.