Wedding photo ideas for capturing that perfect moment

You will cherish your wedding photos forever, so it’s crucial that you get them right. While you will almost certainly be hiring a professional to do the work on the day, you can also utilise the creativity of your guests to showcase your big day in unique and memorable ways. Here are some photo ideas to ensure you capture the perfect moment on your wedding day.

Hashtag your wedding 

The best way to access all of the dreamy snaps taken by your friends and family at the end of your big day is to hashtag your wedding. You will need to do a little bit of research in advance to make sure your hashtag is unclaimed, and then let your guests know about it before the day gets underway. Everyone can have so much fun the day after the wedding, scrolling through social media and checking out the awesome snaps that your nearest and dearest have shared. 

Guest book & polaroid 

A guest book is a must at any wedding, but why not pair it with a polaroid camera? This way, you can invite your guests to snap a photo of themselves before wishing you well on your big day. In the years to come, it will make looking through your wedding guest book even more memorable, and it gives off ultimate scrapbook vibes. A real wedding winner! 

Wedding polaroids

Selfie central 

Selfies have become the de-facto photo for all occasions. As the bride, you’re going to be snagged for photos everywhere you walk on your big day, so be prepared! A selfie stick is a great way to maximise the photo ops that present themselves throughout your celebrations, and you won’t have to worry about those awkward angles that often ruin selfie opportunities!

Leave it to the pros 

Too many cooks will spoil the broth, and you really only want one person in charge of the pro photographs on your big day. When you’ve hired someone to do the job, leave them to it and let them get on with their work. If you’re instructing them to go here and there, it can disrupt their flow and may even result in sub-standard snaps. So, trust in the process and let the pros get on with their work! 

Professional Photos

Accessorise, darling 

Accessories provide the cherry on top of your wedding look and bring extra sparkle to your festivities. From jewelled belts to hair pieces, choosing the right accessories to complement your beautiful dress will pay dividends in the countless photo ops you have throughout the day. Find the inspo you need to elevate your wedding look and choose from a range of stunning accessories available from our Wedding Hub today.

Wedding Accessories