We’ve launched our first ever Pop-Up

Well, what a couple of weeks it’s been for Chi Chi. If you haven’t already seen it on socials, we’ve been hard at work putting our first ever pop-up in place for you to come and pop-in! One late-night set up in Oxford Street turned into an amazing launch day on Friday 6th May. We were so happy so many of you came down to see us over the last couple of weeks, and what a blast it was! Here’s just a little view of what we all got up to…


The marketing and warehouse staff joined as one big team, joggers and baggy t-shirts at the ready for a long night of rail arranging, product prepping and pillow fluffing! The team effort stayed strong with laughs along the way, even when we realised the toilet was blocked… Nothing was stopping us.


Up early the next morning, we returned with more hands on deck, the sun shining and the shop visually merchandised, beautifully if we do say so ourselves (you guys mentioned it too when you came in, we promise). All our gorgeous staff were dressed head-to-toe in Chi Chi t-shirts and skirts, as we brought out the Prosecco and cupcakes with a Chi Chi twist! We unlocked the doors and you poured into the store, indulging in all the treats we had to offer. And we don’t blame you! Who doesn’t love a Prosecco on a sunny Friday lunch break to get you straight into the weekend mood?

Sian DJ
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You danced your way around the retail space when you heard Sian @sian.owenx mixing all the best disco house beats, before meandering downstairs to Sabina @nailedbysabina, who supplied us all with stunning Chi Chi printed nails. 

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It was a fantastic launch party, with amazing events that followed. We want to thank you all for coming to see us, new and loyal customers, we loved meeting you all in person!


A massive thanks goes out to our incredible Chi Chi team who worked day and night to put it all together. Who knows what will be next…


Love team Chi Chi x