The Cherry On Top: The best accessories to complete your look

Unlocking your full fashion potential requires attention to detail. Fortunately, accessories have the remarkable ability to complete your look with the tiniest alterations. Whether you add a gorgeous piece of jewellery or a headband that sits just right, you can make a big difference with such a small change. To help transform your look, we’ve got together some of our favourite accessories for this season.


Headbands can be a stunning addition to your overall look. A cute oversized headband has the ability to make a more muted look pop. If you’re looking for something slightly more fashionista, headbands with pearl embellishments fit perfectly with a beautiful white dress. Hair slides act as a subtler addition to your outfit but can add just as much. Whatever the look, hair accessories can be the final piece of the puzzle.

Chi Chi Hannah Hair Clips
Faux Pearl Wide Headband


The right pair of chic shoes can be the difference between a formal or casual look. If you’re going for a sophisticated look, some striking embellished high heels are the perfect finishing touch. Looking to go a step further? Colourful high heels, like this gorgeous faux suede yellow pair, match up beautifully with a colourful summer dress on those sun-drenched days.

High Heel Bow Strappy Sandal in Black
High Heel Diamante Design Satin Sandal in Neutral


Let’s be honest, every girl knows the importance of a handbag. Matching up patterns with your handbag can take your outfit to the next level. Coupled with a wavy satin top, an embellished day bag acts as the perfect complement to those formal nights out. For a more professional work outfit, croc handbags can be the finishing touch. Finally, if your overall outfit is looking a bit plain, carrying a floral patterned handbag can unlock that perfection you’ve been looking for.

3D Floral Clutch Bag in Blue
3D Floral Clutch Bag in Brown


The quiet perfection of a stylish necklace can be the final, linking piece for your outfit. A simple but suave silver necklace design works with most looks and acts as the finishing touch on both formal and informal outfits. More detailed designs require a bit more thought, but can go even further in finishing your look off when done right. Our gold circle necklace is the perfect example, matching up flawlessly with a gorgeous dark brown and black dress.

Gold Coin Pendant Necklace
Green Gemstone Diamante Necklace

While it may not seem a lot at first, adding accessories to your outfit can have a remarkable effect on your overall look. Add some subtlety to your outfit today and find the finishing touch with our beautiful accessories.