Singing in the Rain: Staying stylish when it's raining cats and dogs

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of the door in a super cute outfit only for it to be ruined in the rain. Whether it’s just a bit drizzle or it’s raining cats and dogs, the reality is that you should always be prepared for British weather. To keep you singing in the rain, we’ve got together some of our top ideas to keep you chic during those soggy spring months.

Bright colours

If the sun decides to stay behind the clouds, you need to bring the sunshine yourself. Yellow is a classic raincoat colour and directly contrasts the drizzly darkness on those rainy days. Pairing up some bright colours with a vibrant umbrella gives you a powerful combination you can rely on. Also, popping on a warm, colourful and cute jumper underneath your jacket can truly complete the look.

Colour Block High Neck Jumper
High Neck Ribbed Loungewear Set

Big boots

When you’re accidentally splashing through deep puddles, you’re going to need some strong footwear to keep you dry - our big black boots are ideal for that job, keeping you stylish and comfortable at the same time. Black boots also combine perfectly with some bright blue jeans, while still complementing the winter season. With a trendy black jacket, this combination is to die for on those rainy days.

Chi Chi Black Boots

Puffer jacket

We can guarantee one thing in 2021 - puffer jackets are making a comeback. Not only are puffer jackets comfortable, cosy and warm, they can look super chic when paired up correctly. Combined with some cool skinny jeans, the size contrast between top and bottom can be irresistible. With gorgeous faux fur trim hoods, our puffer jackets add another layer of detail to your look.

Padded Faux Fur Jacket
Padded Faux Fur Jacket

Hat, scarf and glove combo

How could we forget the cold season's favourite combo? Hats, gloves and scarfs are the perfect way to feel tucked up and warm on those rainy days. They’re also great for adding a splash of colour to your look. With a draping, multi-coloured scarf, a beautiful bob hat and some irresistibly cute mittens, you can add another dimension to your outfit at the drop of a hat. 

Hats & Scarves

Finding a stylish look on those rainy days isn’t always easy. Hats and scarfs are ideal for mixing things up and creating some balanced combinations. If it really is chucking it down - bear in mind your umbrella too. Remember - your outfit can be a ray of sunshine on an otherwise dreary day.