Our tips for hosting a movie night with your friends

Whether you’re watching a horror film or a chick flick, hosting a movie night with your friends doesn’t have to be boring. Adding some small touches can turn the evening into a proper event beforehand. To help you out, we’ve conjured up a few top tips for hosting a movie night to remember.

Pick the movie beforehand

We’ve all been there - endlessly scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch before settling on something you’ve seen a million times before. To stop your movie night from going south before it’s even begun, we suggest picking a film beforehand so you can spend less time scrolling and more time watching. Drop some suggestions in your group chat and see what kind of responses you get - the sooner a film is picked the sooner you can start preparing a themed night!

Create an atmosphere

When planning your movie night, creating the right atmosphere should be at the very top of your priorities. Watching a Christmas film? Fill your space with festive decorations to create the perfect environment for your movie. If you’re having a night watching chick flicks, making things super girly is a no-brainer. Also, location is everything when you’re hosting a movie night. If the weather permits it and you’ve got enough space, heading outside always adds another layer of fun to the evening. 

Set up a refreshment station

In our eyes, a movie night without popcorn, snacks and drinks isn’t a movie night. To keep everybody happy, set up a refreshment station just in front of your sofas so all your mates can quickly grab some snacks without moving too far. Popcorn is, of course, an obvious choice, but mixing things up with some nachos and dips, pizza and healthy fruit options will keep all tastes catered for. 

Drinks Station
Food Station

Snuggle up

Is there anything comfier than snuggling up under a blanket and watching a movie while the rain falls outside? While you can’t control the weather, you can control how comfortable you and your mates will be. We recommend playing it safe with heaps of blankets and cushions to sink into. In terms of yourself, our loungewear section contains a colourful array of comfy indoor clothing, perfect for those movie nights relaxing on the sofa. 

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From gorgeous three-piece loungewear sets in purple to our neutral coloured roll neck jumpers, our loungewear set selection contains a huge variety of looks for snuggling up on movie night. Take a look through the full range to get prepped for your movie night in style!