New Year, Same You: Why you should be body-positive in 2022

All of us have our down moments now and again. Plenty of people across the country struggle with negative thoughts about our bodies, especially with the rise of social media. However, if we want to live happy, fulfilling lives, staying confident in our bodies and who we are as people is super important. 

What is body positivity?

The phrase ‘body positivity’ has been used a lot in recent times, but there’s still some chat about what exactly it means. While considered a broad concept, for us, the main tenets of body positivity include respect, acceptance and genuine appreciation for your own body and others. It means understanding that everybody is unique and helps us focus on the positive aspects of everybody’s physical appearance, even if they don’t fit with societal norms we have become used to.


Body positivity doesn't happen overnight. Appreciating your body and rejecting the negative portrayals in mainstream culture takes time to shake off, but embracing body positivity can truly have a significant impact on how you live your life. It’s also important to note that being body positive doesn’t mean that you’re against self-improvement or change. Some also criticise the thinking as vain, but those who do are missing the point. In fact, there is clear evidence from multiple sources supporting the benefits of body positivity across a variety of populations around the world.

One of the huge benefits of staying body positive this year is the improvement it can have on the state of your mental health. Everybody feels those down moments every now and then, but being confident with your own body can improve your confidence and set you on the road to happiness. 

Changes you can make to stay body positive this year

  • Change your timeline

Social media has an uncanny ability to make us feel worse about our bodies and how we look. Other than putting the phone down when you’re feeling a lack of confidence, we suggest changing up your timeline to be more diverse. There are all sorts of body shapes and looks out there on Instagram that are all as beautiful as each other!

  • Be kind to yourself

Sometimes it’s not the way that others speak to us that can have a big impact on our confidence, it’s how we speak to ourselves. If you’re noticing yourself hating the way any part of your body looks on feels, make sure to keep yourself in check and remind yourself that your criticising inner voice isn’t the truth. Give yourself a break every now and then - you deserve it.

  • Open up to friends and family

It might seem simple, but, when you get round to it, opening up about something deep to your friends and family can be more difficult than you think. Even so, chatting about your lack of body confidence with those closest to you can be the first step on the journey to body positivity. 

Chi Chi Family

Here at Chi Chi, we celebrate every body shape, no matter who you are. Whether you’re interested in a gorgeous new dress or just want to treat yourself to some fancy new shoes, we’ve got you covered.