How to plan the perfect party

Being the perfect hostess isn’t easy, from preparing the venue beforehand to making sure all your guests get a top-up, there’s nothing more exhausting than throwing a party. At Chi Chi, we think the key to hosting is planning, so we’ve created a step-by-step guide for effortlessly planning the perfect party!


Pick a concept

By a concept we don’t necessarily mean a theme, not every party needs fancy dress and matching decorations. But the concept for your party sets the tone for the whole night and determines what sort of event it’ll be. For example, a summer garden party comes with a totally different feel to a cocktail party in your lounge, so being clear on what you want from the beginning is super important.

Whatever your theme, we’ve got you covered on the style front from Party & Going Out Dresses to picnic-perfect styles

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From an all-out transformation of your home, to adding some chic tealights to the garden, there’s no end to the possibilities when it comes to decorations. Collecting inspiration from socials or Pinterest can be a great way to collate your ideas, and find the perfect vibe for your event. A few strategic accents, like fairy lights or throw cushions, can completely change the vibe of a space, so don’t be fooled into thinking that decorations mean home renovation. Some of the best design schemes are the simplest ones.

Always remember to plan your decorations in advance, the last thing you want to do is to be rushing this stage the day before your party.

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Food & drink

The most important thing about the food and drink at your party, is that it doesn’t take up a lot of your time on the night. No one wants to spend their own party running back and forth with ice buckets, so planning is key when it comes to catering. We love cocktails as much as the next girl, but it can be really stressful trying to continually make drinks. A really great option, particularly for summer parties, can be jugs of cocktails or punch. This means guests can help themselves to your delicious recipe and topping up doesn’t have to happen as often.

Particularly with large parties, sticking to food that is simple and easy to prep in advance can be really useful. There are endless possibilities for canapes that provide a great party option, without being too time-consuming for you. Equally, desserts are always a super cute option for party food; a giant frosted cupcake tower comes to mind!

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Dress to impress

The most important thing to remember is your party is your night to shine, and you deserve to look your best. So whether you and your girl squad are coordinating your palettes, or you fancy stepping out in a bold new colour, planning your outfit ahead of the big day is a must.

Whatever the vibe of your party, if you’re looking for a fresh new style you can check out our New In collection for all our latest fashions and our Shoes & Accessories Edit for the perfect finishing touches. From black tie to floral summer prints, we’ve got trending styles to make you feel your best.

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Get some help

No one said party planning had to be a one-woman show. Whether it’s your friends, family, a partner or some paid help, make sure you’re not the only one setting up and checking on guests throughout the night. Whether it’s to light the candles or put more roses in the fridge, having an extra set of hands around will make a huge difference, 

Enjoy yourself!

You’ve done all the hard work and the night is in full swing, the most important thing now is to remember that you’re also meant to have a good time! So whether that’s strutting your stuff on the dancefloor or laughing till your sides hurt, make sure you have the best night possible!

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