How to get party-ready for a post lockdown world

After a year of lounging about in your PJs, it might take a bit of time to get back into the swing of partying. That first night out with the girls will undoubtedly require a bit of planning and prep. Ready to hit the town? Here are our top tips for getting party-ready post lockdown.

Wardrobe refresh

Fashion changes quickly, there’s no doubt about that. Looks you loved a year ago might have fallen out of taste by now. Switching up your wardrobe with some brand new dresses will not only keep you on-trend - you’ll feel better too. A cute floral dress is perfect for those sunny days and the pub and a mini dress will have all eyes on you for that first night with the girls. If you want to get suited and booted for the dancefloor, giving your wardrobe a refresh is one of the best things you can do.

Petite Cami Strap Floral Mini Dress in Blue
Crochet Bodycon Dress in White

Prepare for pre’s

Whether it’s a big group with all your mates getting ready or just you and your bestie hanging out, it’s going to be weirdly wonderful to get back to this night-out ritual. Why not make it extra-special by organising a themed pre’s? A ‘jungle mania’ night where everyone wears animal print, or a ‘blue besties’ where you all wear blue dresses and drink blue drinks, could be a super fun way to kickstart post-lockdown partying!

One Sleeve Floral Mini Dress in Blue
Bardot Long Sleeve Mini Dress in Blue

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Trust us - you can never have enough shoes. Whether you’ve got a day at the races or you’re at your best mate’s birthday party, the right pair of shoes can take your look to the next level. These white tie up wedges are perfect for mixing and matching with a gorgeous maxi dress, while these strappy heels with a sequin design can add some sophistication to your look. Having a wide variety of shoes will help you get creative with your look for the post lockdown world. 

Tie Up Wedges
Strappy Heels with Sequin Design in Blue


Feel like your look is missing something? The right accessories can sometimes be the cherry on top of your outfit. A chic pair of sunnies will add an extra layer of coolness to your look, while a cute print hair scarf will keep you as pretty as a picture. A floral clutch bag could also be the perfect add on to a sunny summer’s look. Find the last piece of the puzzle for your post lockdown look with a look through our accessory section.

Floral Print Satin Hair Scarf in Navy
Oversized Tortoiseshell Sunglasses in Brown

Good hair day

The first big party after lockdown is the perfect excuse for a glow-up. Booking yourself into a beauty salon for a makeup and hair transformation will ensure you’re looking your best for that first night. Once your hair is looking chic, adding some cute hair accessories will add a sparkling finishing touch. Whether you’re thinking about a diamante style piece or some gorgeous gemstone hair clips, thinking about those small touches will keep you standing out. 

Floral Pearl & Diamante Embellished Hair Piece in Silver
Gemstone Hair Clips Gold Tone in Green

It might feel strange getting dressed up and ready for a night out again, but giving your wardrobe a reset will give you heaps of confidence. Grab your dancing shoes and cut some shapes with the girls!