How to Accessorise Abstract Prints

We love abstract prints - from dreamy pastel watercolours to bold psychedelic prints there’s no doubt abstract designs are having a moment this season. Accessorising and styling an abstract pattern can be a struggle, so how do you choose the colour to match when there are so many? We’ve created a step-by-step guide, full of our favourite tips for finishing off any abstract print outfit.

Build from the base colour

One great way to work out the palette for your accessories is to build from your base colour. Every print will have a ‘base’ colour, which is simply the colour which is most dominant in the print. For example, our Abstract Printed Shirt Dress in Pink has a number of colours in the pattern, but several shades of pink. If you’re accessorising based on the base colour, choosing a handbag within this range of pink tones will ensure your look is on point, even though the print is so busy.

base colour

Keep it minimal

Abstract prints are undeniably eye-catching, so keeping your accessory and footwear choices minimal will ensure the dress stays the star of the show. When choosing jewellery, less is definitely more in this case. If you’re keeping your accessories minimal, finding unique pieces is an absolute must. This season, we’re loving bringing a twist to a classic jewellery style, check out our Hexagon Hoops in Silver Effect for a chic restyle of a hoop earring.

Minimal 2

Embrace the colour clash

Sometimes, embracing the colour clash is the only way to go. Creating contrast within your look can be a great way to stand out, with deliberate colour clashing undoubtedly in this season. Picking out a colour that is in the background within the abstract print, and using it to accessorise is a brilliant way to create a bold look.

From a quilted shoulder bag to a shimmery clutch, our collection of Bags & Purses has all the styles to make your look unique this season. 

Colour Clash
Colour Clash 2

Don’t be afraid to go for gold

A safe style bet with any abstract print is to incorporate some gold, silver or metallic elements. This is particularly ideal for dressing an abstract print up for a formal event. There’s an endless amount of sophistication which can come from co-ordinating a gold clutch and heels with a daring abstract print. 

The best thing about this style tip, is that it works with any colour palette. We recommend choosing gold for a warm-toned print, like our V Neck Abstract Midi Dress in Pink, and silver for cooler-toned prints, like our One Shoulder Puff Sleeve Washed Print Midi Dress in Lilac. You can also mix up the look with some bronze-coloured jewellery, for a less polished and more hippy style.

Gold 2

Explore our Abstract Dreams edit to see all our favourite prints ranging from subtle pastels to bold neons. Shop our full range of accessories to finish any look with style at Accessories.