Guide to Winter Skincare

The colder weather is here, and that means naturally drier weather and drier skin! Lower temperatures make it harder for our skin to retain moisture, therefore the focus of this season is to stay hydrated. We’ll be sharing our top tips to keep your skin fresh and ready through winter to spring.  


Hydration starts with cleansing 

Unless your skin is still oily, it’s a good idea to shelf your foaming cleansers and switch to a more emollient formula: gel, cream, milk, oil, or even balm. You don’t want to be using anything too harsh. Our top tip is a probiotic cleansing milk. It’s gentle, avoids any tightness, and leaves your skin feeling soft and balanced.  


Look for humectant in the ingredient list 

What are humectants? They help attract moisture to the skin and can even enhance the skin’s own hydrating abilities – much needed in the dry winter air! Some common ones to look for are hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe vera, urea, beta-glucan, sodium pca, and honey. 


Incorporate a good facial oil 

Your skin isn’t producing as much sebum as it does in warmer, more humid climates. This is what keeps the skin naturally moisturised, and in lack of it, it’s essential to use a good oil to provide us with additional nourishments and prevent even more moisture loss. Think anti-oxidants, anti-aging and brightening properties! There are so many different options out there for facial oils, ranging in thickness, skin types, and even ones for those who hate the oily texture.  

Facial Oil

The skincare sandwich method 

How much you put in your skincare sandwich is up to you, but the key is adding mist to every stage! We suggest: 

Mist > Hydrating serum > Mist > Facial Oil > Mist > Cream > Mist > Facial Oil 

This helps add extra hydration to every layer and lock in all the products you’re using.  


Treat yourself...Always 

Last but definitely not least, our final tip is to treat yourself by looking after yourself as much as you can. We mean, take the time to have a long relaxing bubble bath after a hard day at work, do a facial here and there, and always drink lots of water and get lots of sleep to keep your body naturally hydrated and rested.