Five tips for complementing your curves

It’s no secret that the smallest outfit details can make the biggest difference. If you’ve got curves, you’re missing out big time if you’re not putting them in the limelight. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to bring them out. Want to accentuate those gorgeous curves? Take a look through our top tips for complementing your body shape.

Off the shoulder tops

You probably didn’t need another excuse to wear off the shoulder tops, but we’re going to give you one anyway. These chic styles are great for complementing your curves thanks to their ability to emphasise the widest part of your shape. Off the shoulder tops also help your waist look smaller in contrast. Other than being super comfortable, these tops a variety of skirts and accentuate that hourglass shape.

Plus Size Sleeveless Floral Dip Hem Dress in Pink
Plus Size Bardot Pleated Maxi Bridesmaid Dress in Green

Lower necklines

If your wardrobe is packed with high neckline pieces, it’s time to shake things up for the sake of your curves. High neckline tops or dresses can make your figure seem boxy and less curvy thanks to the added block of colour. Deep V’s are a great way to draw attention to the face while also accentuating your curves. 

Plus Size V neck Floral Print Midi Dress in Pink
Plus Size Floral Print Maxi Day Dress with Puff Sleeve in Multi

Colour blocking

You don’t have to be Derren Brown to create the illusion of curves - you just need the right colour block clothes. Dresses with side panels filled with colour can create the illusion of a more curvaceous body shape, as well as accentuating your curves. This technique is used throughout the fashion industry and is a simple trick for giving those curves a big boost.

Plus Size Plunge Puff Sleeve Bodycon Dress in Fuschia
Plus Size Satin Finish Drape Maxi Dress In Green


Peplums are like marmite - you either love them or you hate them. However, peplums can go a long way to complementing your curves. With enough structure and sturdiness, a peplum style can be paired up with chic high rise trousers or skirts to exaggerate flowing curves. On top of that, your waist will also look thinner, creating a wonderfully smooth look to die for.

Plus Size Lace Bodycon Bridesmaid Dress With Peplum Hem In Blue
Peplum Jacquard Bodycon Dress in Yellow

Embrace your shape

While we can give you all the fashion advice in the world, all of it is irrelevant if you don’t have confidence in your own shape. Everybody has something to show off and curves can add a slice of beauty to your overall look. Don’t be afraid of making the most of your curvaceous shape and make sure to embrace your body!

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Complementing your curves isn’t difficult, but it does require some thought and preparation. If you’re interested in adding to your survey wardrobe, take a look through our diverse collections today!